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Defender by Chris Allen

Military Fiction

Military Fiction

‘Turner got rough, forcing them to respond. He tore at their hair and at their skintight lingerie, clawing at their perfect bodies.’

Well that certainly got your attention!

But there is much, much more to the works of Chris Allen than steamy interludes.

This author, him self has lived a very exciting life. Among other things he was a former paratrooper and served as Security Manager for CARE, the international aid agency in Timor Leste. He was also Head of Security for the Sydney Opera House and as the Sheriff of NSW.

The novels are a fascinating mix of James Bond and Jason Bourne, the gun to rent. Alex Morgan is an agent of Interpol’s Intelligence, Recovery, Protection and Infiltration Division – Intrepid.

The Australian Army Newspaper wrote, “Allen knows his weapons and aircraft particularly well, and his immense attention to detail shows he has obviously walked the streets of the cities where his character’s actions take place.”

In Defender, Morgan is ordered in after an intelligence agent is cruelly murdered with the life of the president of a small African country put at risk. Morgan is in part, soldier, spy and policeman who along with his colleagues puts bad things right.

The country is racing towards civil war and he enlists the help of the beautiful Arena Halls while operating under his cover of evacuating a group of aid workers. A façade to hide his actual mission – a rogue spy.

The action races between Africa and Australia, the home of the author. The finale, a fight to the death which uncovers a truly dark conspiracy.

A great well plotted fiction novel, which is certainly not for storage, from, Chris Allen, a novelist who we will hear much more from in the future.

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Dead Spy Running by Jon Stock

Espionage Thriller

Espionage Thriller

Jon Stock is an English author and journalist and former editor of the Weekend section of the UK’s Daily Telegraph. Dead Spy Running paperback is scheduled to be made into a Hollywood film. Stock has previously worked in New Delhi, India and lived in Cochin in Kerala.

A suspended MI6 agent, Daniel Marchant, while running in the London Marathon notices a reluctant suicide bomber stalking the US ambassador. Marchant cannot stop without provoking the bomber into an early detonation. Marchant had been a victim in the internal wrangling that existed between Britain’s intelligence community, MI5 and MI6. He also had the suspicion of being a traitor hanging over him.

Daniel’s heroic efforts to prevent calamity at during the London Marathon are misconstrued as he is suspected of being in league with the terrorists and they are used to further demean him. MI5 set him up and he is betrayed by a mole. He then falls into the hands of CIA torturers finding himself variously interrogated and waterboarded.
Marchant’s MI6 colleague and lover – Leila and the new chief, Sir Marcus Fielding have come to resent the CIA’s increasing influence in Whitehall.

Marchant goes on the run from the CIA. He then goes on a hunt from Wiltshire, to Poland and on to India to find the terrorist in an attempt to expose the false accusations made against his father and him. It was in India that Marchant’s father once met with a senior terrorist. Proof of treason on his part, or part of an ingenious intrigue?
Stock’s novel is well researched, plausible and utterly contemporary. A well-executed fiction, spy novel, from an espionage writer who clearly has his finger on the pulse of the modern, murky world of espionage.
Dead Spy Running is part of the Legoland Trilogy.

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An Officer and a Spy by Robert Harris

An officer and a spy

An officer and a spy

Many of us will have heard of ‘The Dreyfus Affair’ and will remember it as a distant memory from history classes as a child, but I suspect, like me, your remaining knowledge will be selective and riddled with holes and inconsistencies. Such a shame when you consider this pivotal time in French military and political history before the First World War. It gripped a nation at the time and the world more generally. This novel has modern day parallels in the forms of anti-Semitism and whistle-blowers.

The 2013 novel, An Officer and a Spy is a 2013 is a fictional thriller based on these dramatic events in French history. It is written by the supremely talented and diverse journalist and writer, Robert Harris. The novel recalls the true story of the head of counter-espionage, Colonel Georges Picquart, in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

There had been some disquiet about the conviction of Dreyfus for spying and his subsequent incarceration on Devils Island off the coast of South America. An island made famous in the novel Papillon which was written by convicted criminal, Henri Charrière. Picquart began to investigate the evidence against Dreyfus, who was from a Jewish background, which he found to be very weak and that the government and military had manufactured or altered crucial evidence. Picquart was pressured to forget his findings despite his assertion that the actual spy was still operating.

Anti-Jewish feeling was running high at that time and Dreyfus initially had little public support, but following an open letter published by the highly respected writer, Émile Zola, the tide began to turn. The letter, J’accuse, was published in a French newspaper in January 1898 and was a damming indictment of the whole affair – the rest is history….as they say!

The Harris book is the recipient of the Walter Scott Prize and the American Library in Paris Book Award, both in 2014.

Harris has researched many newly released documents and many of the original sources such as newspaper reports, the court transcripts and Dreyfus’s own written recollections. This is a thoroughly enthralling spy and political intrigue thriller made all the more captivating as it is based closely on fact. Picquart is shown as a principled man who strives to expose the truth despite overwhelming opposition from superiors and his peers. His fate is utterly intertwined with that of Dreyfus and so is his final judgement. An Officer and a Spy is a superb novel which brings great clarity to the subject and is utterly thrilling.

Robert Harris was born in Nottingham in central England in 1957. Following a career in television and as a journalist he came to prominence with his best-selling novel, Fatherland. He has subsequently published a succession of top novels including Enigma, Archangel, Pompeii, Imperium, The Ghost which was made into a very effective and evocative film by Roman Polanski, The Fear Index and Dictator. He is, as you can see, a difficult man to pigeon-hole as his thrillers are quite diverse and expertly crafted.

Viele von uns werden von „The Dreyfus Affair“ gehört haben und es als eine ferne Erinnerung aus dem Geschichtsunterricht als Kind in Erinnerung behalten, aber ich vermute, dass Ihr verbleibendes Wissen wie ich selektiv und mit Löchern und Inkonsistenzen gespickt sein wird. Eine Schande, wenn man sich diese entscheidende Zeit in der französischen Militär- und Politikgeschichte vor dem Ersten Weltkrieg vor Augen führt. Es packte eine Nation zu dieser Zeit und die Welt im Allgemeinen. Dieser Roman weist moderne Parallelen in Form von Antisemitismus und Whistleblowern auf.

Der Roman Ein Offizier und Spion aus dem Jahr 2013 ist ein fiktiver Thriller, der auf diesen dramatischen Ereignissen in der französischen Geschichte basiert. Es wurde von dem äußerst talentierten und vielseitigen Journalisten und Schriftsteller Robert Harris geschrieben. Der Roman erinnert an die wahre Geschichte des Chefs der Spionageabwehr, Colonel Georges Picquart, Ende des 19. und Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts.

Die Verurteilung von Dreyfus wegen Spionage und seiner anschließenden Inhaftierung auf Devils Island vor der Küste Südamerikas hatte einige Beunruhigung gegeben. Eine Insel, die durch den Roman Papillon des verurteilten Kriminellen Henri Charrière berühmt wurde. Picquart begann, die Beweise gegen Dreyfus zu untersuchen, der einen jüdischen Hintergrund hatte, den er für sehr schwach hielt und dass die Regierung und das Militär wichtige Beweise hergestellt oder verändert hatten. Picquart wurde unter Druck gesetzt, seine Erkenntnisse zu vergessen, obwohl er behauptete, der eigentliche Spion sei noch aktiv.

Die antijüdischen Gefühle waren zu dieser Zeit hoch im Kurs und Dreyfus hatte zunächst wenig öffentliche Unterstützung, aber nach einem offenen Brief des hoch angesehenen Schriftstellers Émile Zola begann sich das Blatt zu wenden. Der Brief, J’accuse, wurde im Januar 1898 in einer französischen Zeitung veröffentlicht und war eine verdammende Anklage gegen die ganze Affäre – der Rest ist Geschichte….wie sie sagen!

Das Harris-Buch wurde 2014 mit dem Walter Scott Prize und dem American Library in Paris Book Award ausgezeichnet.

Harris hat viele neu veröffentlichte Dokumente und viele der Originalquellen wie Zeitungsberichte, Gerichtsprotokolle und Dreyfus’ eigene schriftliche Erinnerungen recherchiert. Dies ist ein durch und durch fesselnder Spionage- und Polit-Intrigenthriller, der umso fesselnder ist, als er eng auf Fakten basiert. Picquart wird als prinzipientreuer Mann dargestellt, der sich trotz des überwältigenden Widerstands von Vorgesetzten und Kollegen bemüht, die Wahrheit aufzudecken. Sein Schicksal ist eng mit dem von Dreyfus verflochten, ebenso wie sein endgültiges Urteil. Ein Offizier und ein Spion ist ein großartiger Roman, der dem Thema große Klarheit verleiht und äußerst spannend ist.

Robert Harris wurde 1957 in Nottingham in Mittelengland geboren. Nach einer Fernsehkarriere und als Journalist wurde er mit seinem Bestseller „Vaterland“ bekannt. Anschließend hat er eine Reihe von Top-Romanen veröffentlicht, darunter Enigma, Archangel, Pompeji, Imperium, The Ghost, der von Roman Polanski zu einem sehr effektiven und eindrucksvollen Film gemacht wurde, The Fear Index und Dictator. Er ist, wie man sieht, schwer einzuordnen, da seine Thriller sehr vielfältig und fachmännisch ausgearbeitet sind.

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A Small Death in Lisbon by Robert Wilson

A small death in Lisbon

A small death in Lisbon

I was recommended to the works of Robert Wilson by a friend of mine and I am glad I was. The espionage thriller, ‘A small death in Lisbon’, intrigued me and so, along with a love of all things Portuguese, I bought it.

Wilson is a British writer who currently lives in Portugal. He is the son of an RAF fighter pilot, and has a degree in English from Oxford. He was written crime novels based in Benin in West Africa, and also a series set mainly in Seville, in the Andalusian region of southern Spain. Born in 1957, the son of an RAF pilot,  he finished his studies with a degree in English at Oxford University which was clearly a good grounding for what was to come. Wilson won the CWA Gold Dagger for this book  and the German Crime Prize and rightly (or is it writely?) so.

A Small Death in Lisbon is an excellent novel by Robert Wilson and well worth the read. The story has several threads which intertwine into a lush tapestry a la finRobert Wilson sets the story in Portugal, which gives a wonderfully exotic air. It involves SS officers during the war and ranges through to sexual intrigue, murder and the contemporary investigations of Inspector José “Zé” Coelho.

Well done Robert!

If you enjoy this novel then you will also enjoy See Glass by Ido Graf.

Jeg blev anbefalet til værkerne af Robert Wilson af en af ​​mine venner, og jeg er glad for, at jeg var det. Spionagethrilleren, ‘En lille død i Lissabon’, fascinerede mig, og derfor købte jeg den sammen med en kærlighed til alt portugisisk.

Wilson er en britisk forfatter, der i øjeblikket bor i Portugal. Han er søn af en RAF jagerpilot og har en uddannelse i engelsk fra Oxford. Han blev skrevet kriminalromaner baseret i Benin i Vestafrika, og også en serie, der hovedsageligt udspiller sig i Sevilla, i den andalusiske region i det sydlige Spanien. Født i 1957, søn af en RAF -pilot, afsluttede han sine studier med en grad i engelsk ved Oxford University, hvilket klart var en god grund for det, der skulle komme. Wilson vandt CWA Gold Dagger for denne bog og den tyske krimipris og med rette (eller er det klogt?) Så.

En lille død i Lissabon er en fremragende roman af Robert Wilson og værd at læse. Historien har flere tråde, der fletter sig ind i et frodigt gobelin a la fin. Robert Wilson sætter historien i Portugal, hvilket giver en vidunderligt eksotisk luft. Det involverer SS -officerer under krigen og spænder fra seksuelle intriger, mord og nutidige undersøgelser af inspektør José “Zé” Coelho.

Godt gået Robert!

Hvis du nyder denne roman, vil du også nyde See Glass af Ido Graf.

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Eye of the Needle by Ken Follett

The eye of the needle by Ken Follett

The eye of the needle by Ken Follett

The Eye of the Needle is a WWII spy thriller written by Ken Follett. The fiction novel was first published in 1978 by Penguin and was originally called Storm Island. This book was Follett’s first success and in 1979 he won the Edgar Award for Best Novel from the Mystery Writers of America.  The novel was made into a film in 1981 with Donald Sutherland.

During WWII the Allies tried to convince the Nazis that the D-Day landings were to be at Calais and not in Normandy. They made up a fictitious First United States Army Group (FUSAG) to this end, with fake tanks, buildings and dummy radio traffic to give the impression of an army ready to land at Calais.   In 1940 London Henry Faber is a German spy, called the needle, die Nadel’ in German, named for the stilleto knife he uses to kill people. Faber kills his landlady after she catches him making a radio call to Germany. The espionage novel tells of David and his wife Lucy. He is an ex-RAF pilot who is diabled and they have moved to Storm Island off the coast of Scotland.

MI5 has recruited or hanged all German spies except Faber who is very cunning.  Godliman and his assistant Bloggs work for MI5 and are trying to catch him.

Faber is sent by the Nazis to check FUSAG is real and he finds in fact that it is a deception. Faber then heads to Scotland to rendevous with a German Uboat to escape with the information back to Germany. Faber is tracked to Scotland by MI5. After stealing a boat to get to the sub he is shipwrecked on Storm Island.   David and Lucy care for him but he kills David after he finds out about him being a spy. Lucy, who was unhappy in her marriage is getting out of the bath and about to put on her lingerie when Faber walks in and sees her naked. After this they fall for each other and Lucy sleeps with Faber Lucy finds her husband’s body and realizes that Faber has killed him.   Faber tries to radio the Nazis information about FUSAG but Lucy blows the electricity in the cottage to cut the radio. Unable to send a radio message and unable to kill Lucy who he now loves, Faber tries to escape down the cliff to swim to the waiting U-boat. Lucy throws a rock down on him and after one hits him he falls to his death.

The RAF then attack the Uboat. MI5 send a false radio message with Faber’s call sign to trick the Germans into believing that the invasion will be at Calais. Bloggs comforts the Lucy and then eventually gets married to her.

Ken Follett is an enthrawlling writer and I would strongly recommend his novels to you.

If you enjoy The Eye of the Needle then try See Glass by Ido Graf on Amazon. One of the best espionage books.

The Eye of the Needle hè un thriller spia di a Seconda Guerra Mundiale scrittu da Ken Follett. U rumanzu di fizzione hè statu publicatu per a prima volta in u 1978 da Penguin è era chjamatu à l’origine Storm Island. Stu libru hè statu u primu successu di Follett è in u 1979 hà vintu u Premiu Edgar per a Migliore Novella di i Scrittori Misteri di l’America. U rumanzu hè statu fattu in un filmu in u 1981 cù Donald Sutherland.

Durante a Seconda Guerra Mondiale l’Alliati anu pruvatu à cunvince i Nazis chì l’atterrissimi di u ghjornu D avianu da esse in Calais è micca in Normandia. In questu scopu, anu fattu un fittiziu Primu Gruppu di l’Armata di i Stati Uniti (FUSAG), cù falsi serbatoi, edifici è trafficu radio fittiziu per dà l’impressione di un’armata pronta à sbarcà in Calais. In u 1940 Londra Henry Faber hè un spia tedescu, chjamatu agulla, more Nadel ‘in alimanu, chjamatu per u cultellu stilleto ch’ellu usa per tumbà a ghjente. Faber tomba a so padrona di casa dopu ch ella u chjappi fendu una chjama à a radiu in Germania. U rumanzu di spionaghju conta di David è di a so moglia Lucy. Hè un ex-pilotu di a RAF chì hè diablatu è si sò trasferiti in Storm Island à a costa di a Scozia.

MI5 hà recrutatu o impiccatu tutti i spii tedeschi eccettu Faber chì hè assai astutu. Godliman è u so assistente Bloggs travaglianu per MI5 è cercanu di cattallu.

Faber hè mandatu da i Nazis per verificà chì FUSAG hè reale è trova in fattu chì hè un ingannu. Faber poi si dirige in Scozia per rendevous cun un Uboat tedescu per fughje cù l’infurmazioni in Germania. Faber hè tracciatu in Scozia da MI5. Dopu avè arrubatu una barca per ghjunghje à u sottumessu hè naufragatu in Storm Island. David è Lucy si primuranu di ellu ma ellu tomba à David dopu ch’ellu hà sapiutu ch’ellu era un spia. Lucy, chì era infelice in u so matrimoniu, esce da u bagnu è hè in traccia di mette a so biancheria quandu Faber entra è a vede nuda. Dopu questu si lampanu l’uni per l’altri è Lucy dorme cun Faber Lucy trova u corpu di u so maritu è ​​capisce chì Faber l’hà tombu. Faber prova à trasmette l’infurmazioni naziunali nantu à FUSAG ma Lucy soffia l’elettricità in a casetta per taglià a radio. Incapace di invià un missaghju radio è incapace di tumbà Lucy chì avà ama, Faber prova à scappà per a scogliera per natà finu à l’U-boat chì aspetta. Lucy lancia una roccia nantu à ellu è dopu à unu u colpisce, cade à morte.

Dopu a RAF attacca u Uboat. MI5 manda un falsu missaghju radio cù u segnu di chjama di Faber per ingannà i tedeschi à crede chì l’invasione serà in Calais. Bloggs cunsuleghja Lucy è dopu si marita cun ella.

Ken Follett hè un scrittore appassiunante è vi raccomanderei vivamente i so rumanzi.

Se vi piace L’Ochju di l’Aguila allora pruvate See Glass di Ido Graf nant’à Amazon. Unu di i migliori libri di spionaggio.

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The Quiller Memorandum by Adam Hall

The Quiller Memorandum espionage thriller

The Quiller Memorandum espionage thriller

This is one of the first and best adventure spy novels I read and I became a firm fan of Quiller and Adam Hall.

The Quiller Memorandum which was also known as The Berlin Memorandum was written by Adam Hall in 1965.  Hall introduced Quiller in this book as a British intelligence officer in the very secret body known as ‘the Bureau’. Quiller was also said to have been in the secret services during World War II. The Bureau is a shady organisation whose purpose was originally to prevent any possible increase in German militarism, such as a fourth Reich.

Quiller was a specialist in Nazi clandestine organizations such as the ‘ratlines’ which were used by Nazis to escape trial. The book is set in the mid-sixties where Quiller is seconded by the Bureau to give secret intelligence information to the Z Commission which is West Germany’s war crimes investigatitive agency. Quiller is persuaded by the bureau to investigate the plans of a secret Nazi secret. He readily does so, as the Nazis have killed one of his friends.

Adam Hall was a wonderful writer of espionage fiction. A classic read that is sure to enthrawl.

Aquesta és una de les primeres novel·les d’aventures i espies que vaig llegir i em vaig convertir en un ferm fan de Quiller i Adam Hall.

El Memoràndum Quiller, també conegut com a Memoràndum de Berlín, va ser escrit per Adam Hall el 1965. Hall va introduir Quiller en aquest llibre com a oficial d’intel·ligència britànic en el cos secret conegut com a “l’Oficina”. Es va dir que Quiller va estar als serveis secrets durant la Segona Guerra Mundial. L’Oficina és una organització obaga que el seu propòsit era originalment evitar qualsevol possible augment del militarisme alemany, com ara un quart Reich.

Quiller era un especialista en organitzacions clandestines nazis, com ara les “ratlines”, que eren utilitzades pels nazis per fugir del judici. El llibre es troba a mitjan anys seixanta, on Quiller és secundat per l’Oficina per donar informació d’intel·ligència secreta a la Comissió Z, que és l’agència d’investigació de crims de guerra d’Alemanya Occidental. Quiller és persuadit per l’oficina per investigar els plans d’un secret secret nazi. Ho fa fàcilment, ja que els nazis han matat un dels seus amics.

Adam Hall va ser un meravellós escriptor de ficció d’espionatge. Una lectura clàssica que segur que engrescarà.

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