Agent in Berlin by Alex Gerlis

Agent in Berlin by Alex Gerlis is a top-notch spy thriller from a master of his craft.

With war looming the British set to work on a plan. Setting in place a web of unlikely spies including a Japanese diplomat the wife of a Nazi SS officer and a Luftwaffe officer.

The plot works and they discover the plans for a secret German fighter plane. They also reveal a devilish plan by the Japanese to attack the United States of America.

Agent in Berlin by Alex Gerlis is intense and atmospheric. Fans of Robert Harris and Helen MacInnes will love this espionage book.

The Financial Times said of this novel, ‘The first volume of a promising new series, Alex Gerlis handles an ensemble cast with panache’.

Spybrary Podcast also said, ‘An unmissable spy thriller from bestselling master of the genre Alex Gerlis

Superb photo by Levin on Unsplash

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