Hard Road by J. B. Turner

Hard Road by J. B. Turner is a great red from an intriguing author. The writer lives in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

The fiction book details the exploits of a shadowy black-ops specialist named Jon Reznick. This operative is an complex character who’s wife died on 9/11. He is in the pay of the American government though the chain of command is murky. Reznick is tasked with making a hit which he has been told must look like suicide. It is well within his skill-set.

Reznick is wrong footed when he finds out who the target is and finds himself escaping with the target. The political plot has fascinating and unique twists and threats to national security. The book is masterfully crafted by this thriller writer.

Hard Road is a great introduction to the work of thriller writer J. B. Turner. It is available as a Kindle e-book, Audiobook and paperback on Amazon. Read this book and you will soon want to read more of his works.

Near Dark by Brad Thor

Brad Thor is one of my favourite fiction authors. His thrillers are clever, intelligent and written in a very engaging style.

Brad Thor is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and with good reason. Once more Scot Harvath returns for his many reader fans.

An enormous bounty has been placed on the head of America’s top spy. Why? The spy is up against it and must evade his hunters while he tries to understand what is going on!

Scot Harvath has lost those closest to him including his new wife. If he is to survive and solve the mystery then he must call on those who can help him or his life will be brief.

It is impossible to trust anyone, but he must if he is to survive. He puts his trust in the Norwegian intelligence operative and beautiful Sølvi Kolstad. With her help he may just live a long life.

Brad Thor at his finest!

When you read a thriller by Brad Thor keep in mind that the dangers and risks which play out in your mind as you read these beautifully crafted novels are as nothing compared to the true life bravery of the population in Ukraine. It is hard not to admire them!

Near Dark by Brad Thor is a must read!

The Locked Door by Freida McFadden

Freida McFadden, fiction writer, is the author of the psychological thriller, The Locked Door.

A father killing women brutally in the basement of the house. His young daughter, oblivious and floors above but eventually the police come knocking. It’s not long before the father is banged up in jail permanently.

Eventually the daughter grows up and becomes a top surgeon. She tries to forget her past and hides the fathers crimes. Nobody knows about him.

However, one of her patients is murdered. Bad as that is, she is shocked to find that the murder was a copycat of her serial murderer fathers crimes.

Is she being set up for the crimes of the father? Someone must know!

A perfect thriller with an incredible twist. Fiction at its finest!

Hardcover and large-print fiction

With the exponential rise in audiobooks and the e-book market it can be easy to forget the traditional paper forms of the fiction book.

However, paperbacks, mass market paperbacks and hardcovers still account for a large part of the market. Many people, including myself, prefer the paper form of the fiction novel.

Big hitters like Amazon have been providing print on demand paperbacks for some time. However, with the advent of print on demand hardcover, hard cover, or hardback books, as they are known, the market may be set to expand.

Hardcovers are bound with rigid covers for durability. They often had dustjackets but are increasingly sold without a jacket having the printed cover placed directly on the hard cover.

There is a traditional pattern of sales. If the book is expected to sell well, then the hardcover comes out first followed some time later by the paperback and then a mass market paperback. These mass market paperbacks tend to be smaller and printed on cheaper quality paper.

Large-print, which is also known as large-font and large-type, is a big size of font which is sometimes used for readers who require larger print because they have difficulty reading smaller print sizes. This style of large-print text is often stocked by public libraries, and it is normally at least 18 points in size, though it can be as low as 14 points – though this can also be termed enlarged print.

The new large-print hardcover political thriller, See Glass by Ido Graf, is now available on Amazon.

State of Terror by Hillary Rodham Clinton & Louise Penny

The new thriller by #1 bestseller authors Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny has been a raging success.

A new administration takes control in the USA. The Presidents choice for Secretary of State comes as a shock. It’s one of his political enemies.

A string of terrorist attacks start a terrifying ball rolling. A swirling mess of Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran and the thirst for nuclear weapons in a highly volatile region creates a nightmare scenrio.

The new American administration is rocked to it’s core but can it recover?

The novel is clever, well plotted, intelligent and gripping. It is definitely on my premier reading list.

State of Terror is available as an audiobook, paperback, e-book, hardcover and Audio CD.

Other great political thriller writers are James Patterson, Catherine Coulter, Ido Graf and Jack Carr.

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The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett

Ken Follett is one of my all time favourite authors and one I would aspire to be like if I were a writer.

His works are meticulously plotted, clever and historically accurate.

Ken Follett is truly a master of the craft of fiction writing. And one of his finest works is ‘The Key to Rebecca’.

A clever thriller set during World War Two in the sands of North Africa. A ruthless spy, Alex Wolff, is Erwin Rommel’s ace in the hole. But he is tracked relentlessly by British officer called Vandam who is assisted by a beautiful woman, Elene.

The Key to Rebecca is well worth a read and is one of the finest thriller novels I have enjoyed.


Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

Fighter in Lingerie by Penelope Sky

Women in Lingerie

Penelope Sky is the Californian author who has turned her writing into an online and offline sensation. She is a USA Today Bestselling Author and also a New York Times Bestseller Author who has sold more than a million copies of her books which are now being translated into multiple languages. A parallel could be drawn with the other successful women’s author of the Fifty Shades of Grey books, E L James.

The lingerie series of books, fifteen at the present count have been hugely successful and are propelling this talented author into the fast lane.

Fighter in Lingerie follows the obsession of a vicious crime lord, Bosco Roth, and his infatuation with a frightened woman. She is scared but he is not the type of person to give up easily.

The lingerie series is… Well worth a read!

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Best audiobooks of 2021

Talking book or Audiobooks as they are known have had immense market growth in the last twenty years.

An audiobook is a recording of a book which is read out loud. When a narrator or voice over actor reads the complete text it is termed, unabridged, whereas shorter versions are described as abridged.

Spoken audio recordings of books began almost 90 years ago but has seen vast and sustained growth in the last 40 years.

Since the mid-90s the Audio Publishers Association has run the Audie Awards for audiobooks. For the industry it is their, Oscars ceremony. which is equivalent to the Oscar for the audiobook industry. Normally it runs in conjunction with BookExpo America.

Audio has been helped by advances in technology and particularly by tablets, smartphones and multimedia entertainment systems in cars,.

Many listeners tune in to talking books in their cars, while exercising or while performing mundane tasks like hoovering the carpet.

India is one of the most exciting markets for talking books with possibly the greatest growth potential for audiobooks.

Many people in the cities of India face long commutes and audiobooks are a great way to pass the time.

Many commuters prefer business books to listen to as audio books, though fiction, including crime, espionage, political fiction and thrillers, re an increasingly growing market.

Now Audio books are being made in the various Indian languages. The increase in popularity is also fuelled by the increasingly diverse and high quality fiction being written by Indian authors such as: R.K Narayan, Nirad C. Chaudhuri, Mulk Raj Anand, Khushwant Singh, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Anita Desai, Salman Rushdie, Rohinton Mistry, Ruskin Bond, Upamanyu Chatterjee, Amitav Ghosh, Vikram Seth, Aravind Adiga and Jhumpa Lahiri.

Idia is a fascinating and vibrant country with great writers who we should all listen to.

If you would like me to do audiobook reviews or book reviews & advertising then click this link.

This is a list of some of the best audiobooks in the fiction and thriller genre available on Amazon and Audible:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. This does not affect the price you are charged.

Ido Graf – See Glass

Brad Thor – Black Ice #1 New York Times bestseller

Nelson DeMille – The Cuban Affair #1 Washinton Post bestseller

The audiobook by Ken Follett – The Key to Rebecca

Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

And for my Indian readers:

टॉकिंग बुक या ऑडियोबुक, जैसा कि वे जानते हैं, पिछले बीस वर्षों में बाजार में काफी वृद्धि हुई है।

एक ऑडियोबुक एक किताब की रिकॉर्डिंग है जिसे जोर से पढ़ा जाता है। जब कोई कथावाचक या वॉयस ओवर अभिनेता पूरा पाठ पढ़ता है तो उसे संक्षिप्त कहा जाता है, जबकि छोटे संस्करणों को संक्षिप्त रूप में वर्णित किया जाता है।
किताबों की स्पोकन ऑडियो रिकॉर्डिंग लगभग 90 साल पहले शुरू हुई थी, लेकिन पिछले 40 वर्षों में इसमें व्यापक और निरंतर वृद्धि देखी गई है।
90 के दशक के मध्य से ऑडियो पब्लिशर्स एसोसिएशन ने ऑडियोबुक के लिए ऑडी अवार्ड्स चलाए हैं। उद्योग के लिए यह उनका ऑस्कर समारोह है। जो ऑडियोबुक उद्योग के लिए ऑस्कर के बराबर है। आम तौर पर यह BookExpo America के संयोजन में चलता है।
ऑडियो को प्रौद्योगिकी में प्रगति और विशेष रूप से कारों में टैबलेट, स्मार्टफोन और मल्टीमीडिया मनोरंजन प्रणालियों द्वारा मदद मिली है।
कई श्रोता व्यायाम करते समय या कालीन पर फहराने जैसे सांसारिक कार्यों को करते समय अपनी कारों में बात करने वाली किताबों को देखते हैं।
भारत, टॉकिंग बुक्स के लिए सबसे रोमांचक बाजारों में से एक है, जिसमें संभवतः ऑडियोबुक्स के लिए सबसे बड़ी विकास क्षमता है।
भारत के शहरों में बहुत से लोगों को लंबी यात्रा का सामना करना पड़ता है और ऑडियोबुक समय गुजारने का एक शानदार तरीका है।
कई यात्री व्यावसायिक पुस्तकों को ऑडियो पुस्तकों के रूप में सुनना पसंद करते हैं, हालांकि अपराध, जासूसी, राजनीतिक कथा और थ्रिलर सहित कल्पना, एक तेजी से बढ़ता बाजार है।
अब विभिन्न भारतीय भाषाओं में ऑडियो पुस्तकें बनाई जा रही हैं। लोकप्रियता में वृद्धि भारतीय लेखकों द्वारा लिखी जा रही तेजी से विविध और उच्च गुणवत्ता वाली कथाओं से भी प्रेरित है जैसे: आरके नारायण, नीरद सी चौधरी, मुल्क राज आनंद, खुशवंत सिंह, रूथ प्रवर झाबवाला, अनीता देसाई, सलमान रुश्दी, रोहिंटन मिस्त्री , रस्किन बॉन्ड, उपमन्यु चटर्जी, अमिताव घोष, विक्रम सेठ, अरविंद अडिगा और झुम्पा लाहिड़ी।
इडिया महान लेखकों वाला एक आकर्षक और जीवंत देश है, जिसे हम सभी को सुनना चाहिए।
यह अमेज़ॅन और ऑडिबल पर उपलब्ध फिक्शन और थ्रिलर शैली में कुछ बेहतरीन ऑडियोबुक की सूची है:
एक अमेज़ॅन सहयोगी के रूप में मैं योग्य खरीद से कमाता हूं।
मुझे इस पोस्ट में लिंक के माध्यम से की गई खरीदारी के लिए कमीशन मिलता है। यह आपके द्वारा लिए जाने वाले मूल्य को प्रभावित नहीं करता है।
toking buk ya odiyobuk, jaisa ki ve jaanate hain, pichhale bees varshon mein baajaar mein kaaphee vrddhi huee hai.

ek odiyobuk ek kitaab kee rikording hai jise jor se padha jaata hai. jab koee kathaavaachak ya voyas ovar abhineta poora paath padhata hai to use sankshipt kaha jaata hai, jabaki chhote sanskaranon ko sankshipt roop mein varnit kiya jaata hai.
kitaabon kee spokan odiyo rikording lagabhag 90 saal pahale shuroo huee thee, lekin pichhale 40 varshon mein isamen vyaapak aur nirantar vrddhi dekhee gaee hai.
90 ke dashak ke madhy se odiyo pablishars esosieshan ne odiyobuk ke lie odee avaards chalae hain. udyog ke lie yah unaka oskar samaaroh hai. jo odiyobuk udyog ke lie oskar ke baraabar hai. aam taur par yah bookaixpo amairich ke sanyojan mein chalata hai.
odiyo ko praudyogikee mein pragati aur vishesh roop se kaaron mein taibalet, smaartaphon aur malteemeediya manoranjan pranaaliyon dvaara madad milee hai.
kaee shrota vyaayaam karate samay ya kaaleen par phaharaane jaise saansaarik kaaryon ko karate samay apanee kaaron mein baat karane vaalee kitaabon ko dekhate hain.
bhaarat, toking buks ke lie sabase romaanchak baajaaron mein se ek hai, jisamen sambhavatah odiyobuks ke lie sabase badee vikaas kshamata hai.
bhaarat ke shaharon mein bahut se logon ko lambee yaatra ka saamana karana padata hai aur odiyobuk samay gujaarane ka ek shaanadaar tareeka hai.
kaee yaatree vyaavasaayik pustakon ko odiyo pustakon ke roop mein sunana pasand karate hain, haalaanki aparaadh, jaasoosee, raajaneetik katha aur thrilar sahit kalpana, ek tejee se badhata baajaar hai.
ab vibhinn bhaarateey bhaashaon mein odiyo pustaken banaee ja rahee hain. lokapriyata mein vrddhi bhaarateey lekhakon dvaara likhee ja rahee tejee se vividh aur uchch gunavatta vaalee kathaon se bhee prerit hai jaise: aarake naaraayan, neerad see chaudharee, mulk raaj aanand, khushavant sinh, rooth pravar jhaabavaala, aneeta desaee, salamaan rushdee, rohintan mistree , raskin bond, upamanyu chatarjee, amitaav ghosh, vikram seth, aravind adiga aur jhumpa laahidee.
idiya mahaan lekhakon vaala ek aakarshak aur jeevant desh hai, jise ham sabhee ko sunana chaahie.
yah amezain aur odibal par upalabdh phikshan aur thrilar shailee mein kuchh behatareen odiyobuk kee soochee hai:
ek amezain sahayogee ke roop mein main yogy khareed se kamaata hoon.
mujhe is post mein link ke maadhyam se kee gaee khareedaaree ke lie kameeshan milata hai. yah aapake dvaara lie jaane vaale mooly ko prabhaavit nahin karata hai

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. This does not affect the price you are charged.

Ido Graf – See Glass

Brad Thor – Black Ice #1 New York Times bestseller

Nelson DeMille – The Cuban Affair #1 Washinton Post bestseller

The audiobook by Ken Follett – The Key to Rebecca

Photo by C D-X on Unsplash

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It is a great site, owned by Amazon, which allows people to find books which they might like in the genres of crime, thrillers, espionage, assassination and political fiction.

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Blowback by Brad Thor

Brad Thor is a #1 New York Times bestselling fiction author. He has written twenty-one thrillers, including Spymaster, Near Dark, Backlash, and The Last Patriot. His plots are intricate and clever and his writing style is utterly engaging.

Blowback is a highly original novel by Brad Thor. Suddenly the greatest danger to the USA becomes a weapon designed to be used to destroy the Roman Empire 2,000 years ago.

Scot Harvath’s career is in freefall as the administration has terminated him. However, the US President has to rehire him if he is to protect America. Harvath heads for the Mediterranean and begins to track a shadowy organization that has been trying to source a weapon that will finally deal with the West and the Americans in particular. Following several heatwaves, a melting glacier has given up a hidden secret. The story has a very international feel as it races through the exotic Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Italy, Switzerland, London and Paris, and Saudi Arabia.

Can the world be saved by Scot Harvath?

Read the Brad Thor book to find out in this truly ground-breaking novel. The book, Blowback, is available as an audiobook, kindle e-book, paperback, and hardback.

If you enjoy the novels of Brad Thor then why not try See Glass by Ido Graf? A political thriller that will blow your mind!

Photo by Andres Herrera on Unsplash