The Once and Future Spy by Robert Littell

The Once and Future Spy

The Once and Future Spy

The Once and Future Spy by Robert Littell is a novel about espionage and counterespionage involving the CIA. Stephen Coonts once said of Littell, “Eric Ambler invented the modern spy novel. Robert Littell perfected it. ‘The Once and Future Spy’ is a classic spy story.”
The plot involves a highly secret plan known only to a small group of specialists within Langley, the CIA headquarters. The plan was ultra-secret but someone has leaked it. There are deadly consequences for the plotters if they cannot trace the source. At the same time a CIA operative, known as ‘the Weeder’, is at work on a highly sensitive matter. The Weeder is obsessed with American history and a particular American hero. A clash occurs between the Weeder’s and Washington’s clandestine worlds creating difficult moral choices with far reaching effects.

Several of his novels have become New York Times and Washington Post bestsellers.

A clever, inventive novel from a world class fiction writer.

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