See Glass by Ido Graf


Sea Glass - My best fiction books 2020

The book See Glass by Ido Graf, is a fast-paced action thriller which has been described as having a style like Tom Clancy.  I agree with that but I would also say, Frederick Forsyth as both authors researched their novels in great detail,  as does Graf. They all intertwine fact with fiction giving novels of profound insight and realism.

Sea Glass is a contemporary thriller set in various exotic locations such as North America, Europe and the Middle East.

The story begins in a small Andalusian fishing village when a redundant reporter meets a former Foreign Legionnaire by chance. The story he is told appears to be fictitious, but as the journalist begins to dig deeper  …the boundaries between fact and fiction begin to blur and the danger increases.

A top story for men and women that encompasses secrets, spies, hidden Nazi gold and politicians across the northern hemisphere.

The new book See Glass by thriller, adventure, spy story writer Ido Graf has all the twists of a Nelson DeMille bestseller novel. DeMille’s Plum Island is one of my best fiction books of all time. See Glass is one of my picks for best fiction books of 2020.

Another great fiction book writer I have read recently is Ben MacIntyre. His book The Spy and the Traitor is a riveting book and another of my top fiction books to read.

See Glass by Ido Graf is available now either as a paperback or as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. I understand that this novel will also be available on Audible as an audiobook in the coming two months.

Devoted by Dean Koontz

Best Fiction Devoted by Dean Koontz

Best Fiction Devoted by Dean Koontz

Devoted by Dean Koontz is a superb novel from one of the top writers of fiction.

Woody Bookman is eleven years old and he has never spoken. His father died in an accident. His mother is intent on keeping him safe and contented.

Wood believes that his fathers death was not an accident and that true evil is behind it.

A vicious man who is intent on destruction is after mother and child… but Woody is not without a friend…

Devoted by Dean Koontz is certainly worth the read.

Fiction paperback Bestsellers of 2020

This is my selection of paperback fiction, thriller crime, mystery bestsellers so far in 2020.


American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins


Sea Glass - My best fiction books 2020

See Glass by Ido Graf


One Minute Out by Mark Greaney

One Minute Out by Mark Greaney


Blindside by James Patterson and James O Born

Blindside by James Patterson and James O. Born



House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas



Walk The Wire by David Baldacci


The 20th Victim  by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

The 20th Victim  by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro


Hideaway by Nora Roberts

Hideaway by Nora Roberts


The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett


The Summer House by James Patterson and Brendan DuBois

The Summer House by James Patterson and Brendan DuBois


Masked Prey by John Sandford

Masked Prey by John Sandford


Camino Winds bestseller Grisham

Camino Winds by John Grisham



Near Dark by Brad Thor


Golden igolden-in-death j d robbn Death by J.D. Robb


the boy from the woods bestseller 2020 Harlan Coben

The Boy from the Woods by Harlan Coben

These top fiction novels are the best of the best and are well worth a read. Many of them appear in the Washington Post bestsellers and New York Times bestsellers lists or on Amazon.

Though my main interest is in paperback books. Most of the above novels are available as audiobooks through Audible or one of the other companies or as eBooks.

Many of us are working or not at home, are taking staycations or some even holidays and we are keen to read more in our downtime.

I have tried to give you a wide selection of thriller writers work from both industry giants and relative newcomers.

Reading fiction is a great way to spend your time and to grow.


Masked Prey by John Sandford

Masked Prey by John Sandford

Masked Prey is an enthralling read by international bestseller author John Sandford. 

An anonymous threat was made against children of US politicians and Lucas Davenport s tasked with investigating it.

Pictures of these children start to appear on social media. They are accompanied by vile abuse and haranguing from extremist groups.

The FBI are constrained by procedure and legal niceties and are unable to track the perpetrator down.

Only Lucas Davenport has the skills to find the person who is responsible. But the clock is ticking.

John Sandford is a New York Times best-selling author, and you only have to read his novels to work out why!

Walk the Wire bestseller by David Baldacci


David Baldacci is one of my favorite writers.

FBI Agent Amos Decker at his best in a top notch thriller.

In the North Dakota’s Badlands a hunter discovers human remains. The woman seems to have undergone a post-mortem.

The dead woman, a teacher, had something to hide – her past was obscured.

The FBI investigator, Amos Decker heads to London, North Dakota, the centre of the fracking industry.

Decker soon realizes that the nearby ‘eye in the sky’,

A nearby Air Force Station and its technology may hold the key to unlocking the mystery.

The country is in grave danger!

This is David Baldacci’s sixth book in the Amos Decker murder thriller series.

David Baldacci is a Washington Post bestseller author and a fine top fiction writer

Golden in Death by J D Robb

golden-in-death j d robb

The bestseller Golden in Death by J.D. Robb is a great book by a top writer.

This #1 New York Times bestselling thriller series is superb. Detective Eve Dallas is investigating a murder which is shrouded in mystery.

A pediatrician called Kent Abner is poisoned by toxic fumes after opening a package containing a golden egg.

Dr Abner appeared to be without real enemies, but following another murer it is clear that a pattern is developing and that there is a sinister motive hiding in the background.

A great fiction read while you are lying in bed on a rainy day with the curtains open. J.D. Robb paperbacks can addict you – so be warned.


The Boy from the Woods bestseller of 2020 by Harlan Coben

the boy from the woods bestseller 2020 Harlan Coben

The Boy from the Woods is a great novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben.

This thriller details a missing teenager and the impact of her disappearance on those around her.

A mysterious man, Wilde, has much to consider. Many years before he was found living in the woods. He had no memory of his past and he was fostered eventually as the police could find no trace of his family.

Wilde’s world has gone full circle and many years on he lives, once more, alone, in the woods on the periphery of town. Alone and distrusted – separated from his neighbors.

A TV celebrity lawyer called Hester Crimstein tries to get Wilde to assist in finding the girl.  Tensions rise as a team of ex-military security experts comes to town. Wilde faces intense challenges and walls of silence in this taut cleverly constructed thriller from a top fiction thriller writer, Harlan Coben.

The Boy from the Woods is a great New York Times best seller book and a great read!


One Minute Out by best seller author, Mark Greaney

One Minute Out by Mark Greaney


Mark Greaney is a best selling fiction author and New York Times bestseller. He co-authored Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Novels and is a great writer. One Minute Out is a superb novel with a gripping yarn and beautiful writing style.

The Gray Man, a supremely dangerous assassin is at the heart of this tightly written thriller.

Court Gentry discovers a human trafficking ring while in Croatia. The story doesn’t end there but leads all the way back to Hollywood.

Gentry has a mission to obliterate the ring, but others, in the CIA, have other plans. They have difficult decisions to make. The ringleader of the organisation can give them information about a potential attack on the USA by terrorists.

The information is too important to lose …it will not be lost!

One Minute Out is a superb novel by a superb writer, Mark Greaney, who I can thoroughly recommend.

Many of us are reading much more in these days of virus – Stranger than Fiction!

This is one to read!

Bestseller Camino Winds by John Grisham

John Grisham is a bestseller author of clever crime books and thrillers. Exotic locations, believable characters and plots that twist and turn.

The Governor of Florida orders an evacuation as  a storm, Hurricane Leo, approaches. Unlike many residents Bruce Cable remains. He is expecting the return of author, Mercer Mann.

The storm devastates the island creating destruction everywhere and killing some unwary residents.

The body of Nelson Kerr is discovered. He is a friend of Bruce Cable. But all is not as it seems. His death followed several blows to the head, which did not appear to be caused by the Hurricane’s effects. Suspicion begins to mount as questions are asked – why was he killed?

The police have their hands full trying to cope with the aftermath of the storm.

Bruce tries to piece together the reason for the man’s death. He starts to believe that there is more truth to the novels of Nelson Kerr and the individuals detailed within.

Nelson’s computer holds manuscripts which may hold the key.

Camino Winds is another top fiction book by bestseller author John Grisham. The book is a great read and another clever thriller from one of the great writers of our time.

John Grisham est un auteur à succès de livres et de thrillers criminels intelligents. Des lieux exotiques, des personnages crédibles et des intrigues qui tournent et tournent.

Le gouverneur de Floride ordonne une évacuation à l’approche d’une tempête, l’ouragan Leo. Contrairement à de nombreux résidents, Bruce Cable demeure. Il attend le retour de l’auteur, Mercer Mann.

La tempête dévaste l’île, provoquant des destructions partout et tuant des résidents imprudents.

Le corps de Nelson Kerr est découvert. C’est un ami de Bruce Cable. Mais tout n’est pas ce qu’il paraît. Sa mort fait suite à plusieurs coups à la tête, qui ne semblent pas être causés par les effets de l’ouragan. La suspicion commence à monter alors que des questions sont posées – pourquoi a-t-il été tué?

La police a les mains pleines pour essayer de faire face aux conséquences de la tempête.

Bruce essaie de reconstituer la raison de la mort de l’homme. Il commence à croire qu’il y a plus de vérité dans les romans de Nelson Kerr et les individus détaillés à l’intérieur.

L’ordinateur de Nelson contient des manuscrits qui peuvent contenir la clé.

Camino Winds est un autre grand livre de fiction de l’auteur à succès John Grisham. Le livre est une excellente lecture et un autre thriller intelligent de l’un des grands écrivains de notre temps.


Un écrivain de fiction à suspense.


Southern Seas, Los Mares del Sur by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán


Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, los mare del sur

Los Mares del Sur bu spanish thriller writer Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Los Mares del Sur, Southern Sea, by Manuel Vázquez Montalbán is a beautifully crafted novel  which is dripping in atmosphere and Spanish feeling.

Spanish detective Pepe Carvalho and former communist investigates the murder of an influential businessman, Stuart Pedrell, who disappeared a year earlier only to turn up dead on a Barcelona construction site. He had been brutally stabbed to death.

Pedrell’s wife hired the shrewd and tenacious detective to find out who did it. On his path the reader is given a taste of Spanish cuisine and literature.

While trying to unmask the killer, Carvalho must deal with some former anti-Franco left wingers.

A lovely read by an interesting author on a rainy day in the damper parts of the world. It makes you want to live in Spain and to study Spanish.  After reading it I don’t understand why Spanish people would leave Spain.

After a few months in London a Spanish friend of mine has been living  in Cambridge, in the UK for several years now and loves it. She did a course to learn British Council English and is very happy here now. For me – I prefer the Spanish sun, wine and food….and of course the people!

Los Mares del Sur, Mar del Sur, de Manuel Vázquez Montalbán es una novela bellamente elaborada que gotea en la atmósfera y el sentimiento español.

El detective español Pepe Carvalho y el ex comunista investigan el asesinato de un influyente hombre de negocios, Stuart Pedrell, que desapareció un año antes solo para aparecer muerto en un sitio de construcción en Barcelona. Había sido brutalmente apuñalado hasta la muerte.

La esposa de Pedrell contrató al detective astuto y tenaz para averiguar quién lo hizo. En su camino, el lector recibe una muestra de la cocina y la literatura española.

Al tratar de desenmascarar al asesino, Carvalho debe lidiar con los ex izquierdistas anti franquistas.

Una hermosa lectura de un autor interesante en un día lluvioso en las partes más húmedas del mundo. Te hace querer vivir en España y estudiar español. Después de leerlo, no entiendo por qué los españoles abandonarían España.

Después de unos meses en Londres, un amigo mío español ha estado viviendo en Cambridge, en el Reino Unido, durante varios años y le encanta. Hizo un curso para aprender inglés del British Council y está muy feliz aquí ahora. Para mí, prefiero el sol español, el vino y la comida … ¡y por supuesto la gente!

Un excelente escritor de suspenso de ficción.