Polar Star by Martin Cruz Smith

After readying Gorky Park, I couldn’t wait to read the next in the Arkady Renko series, Polar Star.

Arkady Renko had made many enemies. He had been the top investigator in Moscow, but now, his party membership removed, he was forced to work in Siberia, where so many others had perished.

He was detailed to toil on a Soviet factory ship which fished the deathly cold waters between Siberia and Alaska, the Bering Sea.

No longer the great criminal man, but now a second-class seaman with a dark past.

Following an enigmatic death of a crew member, the captain gives Renko the chance of a kind of redemption. The woman’s dead body had been hauled in among the fish taken up by the net. The matter is puzzling but has the feel of murder rather than misadventure.

Renko faces desperate odds and an almost unsolvable crime with implications which go beyond the borders of Mother Russia.

Polar Star is another superb novel by author Martin Cruz Smith.

‘Impossible to put down . . . a book of heart-stopping suspense and intricate plotting, but also a meticulously researched, ambitious literary work of great distinction.’   The Detroit News

‘Polar Star is not merely the work of our best writer of suspense, but one of our best writers, period’    New York Times

‘Splendid … . the reader will be kept guessing to the end’ Evening Standard

‘Stunning.’   The New York Times Book Review

‘Martin Cruz Smith writes the most inventive thrillers of anyone in the first rank of thriller writers.’   The Washington Post Book World

‘Gripping . . . absorbing.’   The Philadelphia Inquirer

‘Cruz Smith’s ability is to tell both a thriller and a novel at once, without losing either strand. There are whispers of Conrad and Graham Greene in this novel’   Sydney Morning Herald

Gorky Park by Martin Cruz Smith

Gorky Park

Gorky Park

Gorky Park, the fiction novel by Martin Cruz Smith which introduced us all to the delights of the that most enigmatic of Russians, Arkady Renko.

Gorky Park takes its name from the amusement park of the same name in Moscow. Three corpses, their faces and fingertips missing, are found buried in the snows of the park. The body parts had been removed to hide their identities.

Renko, a chief investigator for the Militsiya, is tasked with solving the case.

Renko falls foul of the authorities as he relentlessly exposes the charlatans within the Russian hierarchy, regardless of the power they may have over him.

The story unfolds in a surprising manner, with many plot twists.

Martin Cruz Smith is a wonderful writer, who really catches the mood and the flavour of Mother Russia and who keeps the reader endlessly guessing.  Gorky Park is a must read.

Gorky Park, il romanzo di Martin Cruz Smith che ci ha fatto conoscere le delizie del più enigmatico dei russi, Arkady Renko.

Gorky Park prende il nome dall’omonimo parco divertimenti di Mosca. Tre cadaveri, senza volto e punta delle dita, vengono ritrovati sepolti nella neve del parco. Le parti del corpo erano state rimosse per nascondere la loro identità.

Renko, un investigatore capo della Militsiya, ha il compito di risolvere il caso.

Renko cade in fallo delle autorità mentre denuncia senza sosta i ciarlatani all’interno della gerarchia russa, indipendentemente dal potere che possono avere su di lui.

La storia si svolge in modo sorprendente, con molti colpi di scena.

Martin Cruz Smith è uno scrittore meraviglioso, che cattura davvero l’atmosfera e il sapore di Madre Russia e che tiene il lettore a indovinare senza fine. Gorky Park è una lettura obbligata per chi ama il miglior scrittore di narrativa.

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash