Large Print Fiction

Large print paperback fiction books.

Large print paperback fiction for seniors and those who are visually impaired is becoming more popular in the UK Canada, UA and Australia in particular.

Large print paperback is also called big print or large font or large-type or large-font or big font by some fiction readers. They greatly assist senior or those readers with low-vision.

Large print clearly means that the font size is bigger in a novel but it may also mean that authors also take care with the colour of the paper for contrast and also in the actual font used. Large print fiction paperbacks need to be printed in an easily readable font.

Many companies now offer a variety of font sizes for large print books including Largeprintbookco, ReadHowYouWant, ABEBooks, Other Large Print Books Providers include Amazon who have a dedicated section for Large Print Books.

Here at Top Fiction we look for new authors but also for the more traditional large print bestsellers in paperback.

Among the large print fiction styles for sale that we review are espionage, horror, action & adventure, mystery & suspense, thrillers, romance and political thrillers.

Many people also choose audiobooks even in favour of large print because of the convenience.

Photo by Marcus dePaula on Unsplash