A terribly sad day for anyone who reads or who writes!

Henry Patterson, author of countless novels including The Eagle has Landed, has died. One one the very finest fiction novelists of all time.

The Eagle has Landed is one of his finest novels. A story about a plot to kidnap Churchill by the Nazis. Via Himmler, a group of disgraced paratroopers are tasked with the near impossible task. A work of genius which translated seamlessly into one of the most iconic WW2 war films ever. Patterson published the novel in 1975 under the pseudonym Jack Higgins and the legend was born.

The Eagle has Landed is a work of genius from a grandmaster of the fiction writers world.

I chose to write in part because of the novels of Henry Patterson, Alistair MacLean and Ian Fleming and I owe them a great debt. Not just because they inspired me, but because they gave me great joy over many years. I only wish I could have met him and asked him a few questions. Though he inspired me to write, sadly I could never reach the level of excellence he displayed …but I can hope and try!

My condolences to Mr Patterson and his family. They must be very justly proud of that great man!

Hard Road by J. B. Turner

Hard Road by J. B. Turner is a great red from an intriguing author. The writer lives in the beautiful city of Edinburgh.

The fiction book details the exploits of a shadowy black-ops specialist named Jon Reznick. This operative is an complex character who’s wife died on 9/11. He is in the pay of the American government though the chain of command is murky. Reznick is tasked with making a hit which he has been told must look like suicide. It is well within his skill-set.

Reznick is wrong footed when he finds out who the target is and finds himself escaping with the target. The political plot has fascinating and unique twists and threats to national security. The book is masterfully crafted by this thriller writer.

Hard Road is a great introduction to the work of thriller writer J. B. Turner. It is available as a Kindle e-book, Audiobook and paperback on Amazon. Read this book and you will soon want to read more of his works.