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The Kindle e-book spy & political thriller See Glass by Ido Graf is currently available FREE for two more days on

Descriptions of this book on Amazon include:

‘Spine tingling thriller about how neo-Nazism and fascism is still alive. A page, turning thriller that keeps you guessing if this is really a possibility of occurring.’

‘A great read!’

‘I recommend this book to David Baldacci readers and all my book worm friends.’

‘It took only two and a half days to finish this exceptional thriller. I lost a good bit of sleep during the reading but it was worth it.’

‘I really enjoyed this novel. It was just what I expected but had quite a few twists. Ill look for other books by idol Graf’

‘One of the few books that I’ve read that doesn’t leave any questions unanswered. Very well written spy/adventure novel that takes the reader all over the world with an ever-present sense of urgency.’

‘If you like Ken Follett, give this book a look. It’s a fantastic read and will have you tied to the pages’

‘WHAT A FANTASTIC AUTHOR. This book is wonderful! The plot was put together in brilliant order. Conspiracies abound and the story is quite compelling. I’m happy to have read it!’

The book is a spy thriller which has great resonance within todays world, particularly with what is going on in Vladimir Putin‘s war between Russia and Ukraine which has drawn in Europe and the USA.

Though apparently a work of fiction the novel has been meticulously plotted and is based on fact.

The action starts in Andalusia in Southern Spain in the modern era. However, the investigative journalist who uncovers the story finds that it dates back to the end of WW2 in the flames of Nazi Berlin.

A fully believable plot is hatched at that time which alters the future of our world. The fast-paced action passes through fascinating locations in Europe, the Middle East, Russia, South America and the USA.

Does this book foretell the war with Russia in Ukraine and the rise of the Far Right in Europe and America? Read this Kindle ebook for FREE and find out for yourself?

See Glass by Ido Graf is also available as an audiobook On Amazon or Audible) or as a paperback or hardback book.

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The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett

The Twyford Code is an exceptional thriller novel from the talented Janice Hallett.

It is published on Viper and available on Amazon.

A children’s author of international acclaim, Edith Twyford has left a legacy. The mysterious existence of ‘The Twyford Code’. A supposed set of hidden clues secret within her books. What the purpose was of The Twyford Code is unknow! Also unknown is what it will reveal!

Steve Smith knows about Edith Twyford and has done since an early stage in his life. She has left him haunted.

He had shown one of Twyford’s books with its strange symbols to his teacher Miss Iles. She was convinced that they held a hidden key to a code. Ludicrous? Soon afterwards his teacher had disappeared – her fate unknown. He was desperate to find out what happened to her and whether there was a link to the code.

Smith is not alone in trying to fathom and break the code. Others are obsessed with it – but why?

Only the breaking of the Twyford code can tell.

The Twyford Code is a mystery novel by Janice Hallett that is a fascinating and innovative read with a clever premise.

It is available as an audiobook, an Kindle ebook, a paperback and a hardback.

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