Self Storage by Gayle Brandeis

Self Storage

Self Storage

Who could imagine that anyone would write a compelling novel about rental space? Well Self storage by writer Gayle Brandeis, is just that!

The Self Storage story is set in the year following the September 11 attacks and tells us of Flan Parker, a successful woman who has built up an unusual business. Flan hunts through the auctions of storage units which have been rented and then resells the contents. It suits her nature which is very inquisitive and she is always fascinated what is hidden in the unused rental units. How strange.

Flan lives with her husband and two children in the University rooms working hard to pay the bills while her husband writes his dissertation. Her husband is increasingly working less and less on his dissertation.

Flan has the winning bid on a box which is filled with an address and a note saying ‘Yes’ and nothing else. Flan is enthralled and is desperate to find out the meaning and source of this odd message. She also becomes interested in what the ‘Yes’ is in her own life.

This search inward only strengthens her desire to unearth the hidden stories of those around her–in particular,

Flan’s secretive, burqa-clad neighbour who originated in Afghanistan begins to spark her interest. However, Flan and her family must pay a terrible price for this interest.

Self Storage puts forth the fears in a society which had been changed dramatically by 9/11.

Self storage is a thrilling novel by a writer with real class. So if you are hot desking, at the office or at home then in your down time it is a great opportunity to read this book.

Photo by Mak on Unsplash

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