Bestseller Camino Winds by John Grisham

John Grisham is a bestseller author of clever crime books and thrillers. Exotic locations, believable characters and plots that twist and turn.

The Governor of Florida orders an evacuation as  a storm, Hurricane Leo, approaches. Unlike many residents Bruce Cable remains. He is expecting the return of author, Mercer Mann.

The storm devastates the island creating destruction everywhere and killing some unwary residents.

The body of Nelson Kerr is discovered. He is a friend of Bruce Cable. But all is not as it seems. His death followed several blows to the head, which did not appear to be caused by the Hurricane’s effects. Suspicion begins to mount as questions are asked – why was he killed?

The police have their hands full trying to cope with the aftermath of the storm.

Bruce tries to piece together the reason for the man’s death. He starts to believe that there is more truth to the novels of Nelson Kerr and the individuals detailed within.

Nelson’s computer holds manuscripts which may hold the key.

Camino Winds is another top fiction book by bestseller author John Grisham. The book is a great read and another clever thriller from one of the great writers of our time.

John Grisham est un auteur à succès de livres et de thrillers criminels intelligents. Des lieux exotiques, des personnages crédibles et des intrigues qui tournent et tournent.

Le gouverneur de Floride ordonne une évacuation à l’approche d’une tempête, l’ouragan Leo. Contrairement à de nombreux résidents, Bruce Cable demeure. Il attend le retour de l’auteur, Mercer Mann.

La tempête dévaste l’île, provoquant des destructions partout et tuant des résidents imprudents.

Le corps de Nelson Kerr est découvert. C’est un ami de Bruce Cable. Mais tout n’est pas ce qu’il paraît. Sa mort fait suite à plusieurs coups à la tête, qui ne semblent pas être causés par les effets de l’ouragan. La suspicion commence à monter alors que des questions sont posées – pourquoi a-t-il été tué?

La police a les mains pleines pour essayer de faire face aux conséquences de la tempête.

Bruce essaie de reconstituer la raison de la mort de l’homme. Il commence à croire qu’il y a plus de vérité dans les romans de Nelson Kerr et les individus détaillés à l’intérieur.

L’ordinateur de Nelson contient des manuscrits qui peuvent contenir la clé.

Camino Winds est un autre grand livre de fiction de l’auteur à succès John Grisham. Le livre est une excellente lecture et un autre thriller intelligent de l’un des grands écrivains de notre temps.


Un écrivain de fiction à suspense.


The Firm by John Grisham

The Firm, by John Grisham, is a cleverly plotted work of legal fiction written by John Grisham and published in 1991. It was immensely successful and was then, in 1993, made into a film with Jeanne Tripplehorn, Tom Cruise, and Gene Hackman. The Firm also spawned a television series in 2012.

This was Grisham’s second work, following A Time To Kill which was published in 1989. After The Firm’s success his first book then came to prominence and was also hugely successful, being made into a film. The film A Time To Kill starred Matthew McConaughey, Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, Donald Sutherland and Patrick McGoohan.

The name of the main character, Mitchell “Mitch” McDeere, must be ingrained into the minds of all lawyers and prospective lawyers in North America and beyond and especially to tax specialists.

The novel has terrific pace and great character development as it races through its cerebral path and cat and mouse chase.

John Grisham is one of the heavyweights in the written fictional word and rightly so.

McDeeres graduated with a top degree in accountancy and then went on to graduate, third in his class, from Harvard Law School. He had two brothers, one died in Vietnam and one is in prison, a fact he would rather keep quiet.

He is married to a school teacher, Abby.

Mitch gets a superb financial offer from a law firm in Memphis, Bendini, Lambert and Locke, a small tax law firm based in Memphis. After joining he is under great pressure to study and pass the bar exam. Mitch is assigned to the maverick partner, Avery Tolar.

Shortly before McDeere starts, Marty Kozinski and Joe Hodge, two of the lawyers in the firm are killed in the Caymans Islands, in a scuba diving accident. Mitch goes to the funerals and then finds out that three other lawyers who worked for the firm also died. His suspicions are aroused and he contacts a fiend of his brother, Eddie Lomax. Lomax is a private investigator and he agrees to start working the case.

Suspicious, he hires a private investigator, Eddie Lomax, an ex-cellmate of his brother Ray, to investigate the deaths of the attorneys.

Lomax is killed, but not before he warns McDeere to be careful. He had found out that the other three lawyers had also died suspiciously.

McDeere is targeted by an FBI agent, Wayne Tarrance. He finds out that the FBI are watching the firm.

McDeere goes to Washington, D.C. on a business trip where he is informed by the FBI that the firm is a front. It looks after the financial affairs of the Chicago Morolto crime family.

McDeere’s work has been honest thus far, but the lawyers are gradually enmeshed in the criminal side of the firm including tax fraud and money laundering operation.

The lawyers, once drawn in cannot leave, if they try to then they are killed.

Mitch finds out that Kozinski and Hodge were in contact with the FBI when they were murdered.

The firm’s security chief, DeVasher, becomes suspicious that he is getting involved with the FBI.

McDeere agrees to assist the FBI in return for 2 million dollars and his brother, Ray’s release from prison. Tammy Hemphill, Lomax’s secretary, helps McDeere to copy thousands of incriminating documents at great personal risk.

A leak in the FBI leaves McDeere exposed and he escapes stealing 10 million, as he does so, from one of the firm’s Grand Cayman bank accounts.

The FBI indicts many of the present and former members of Bendini, Lambert and Locke. They also indict a large group of suspected members of the Morolto family. The charges range from money laundering to, the not so sexy, mail fraud.

Mitch, Abby and Ray then live a contented life in the Caymans, living off the money.

John Grisham is an American attorney, politician and novelist specialising in legal thrillers. In an interview on the Charlie Rose show in 2016, Grisham said that his favorite author is John le Carré. The New York Times said of the book, ‘Mr. Grisham, a criminal defense attorney, writes with such relish about the firm’s devious legal practices that his novel might be taken as a how-to manual for ambitious tax-law students.’

John Grisham is one of my favourite authors of fiction and The Firm, one of my top picks for a thriller on a holiday read.

The Firm, van John Grisham, is een slim geplot werk van juridische fictie, geschreven door John Grisham en gepubliceerd in 1991. Het was een enorm succes en werd vervolgens, in 1993, verfilmd met Jeanne Tripplehorn, Tom Cruise en Gene Hackman. The Firm bracht in 2012 ook een televisieserie uit.

Dit was het tweede werk van Grisham, na A Time To Kill dat in 1989 werd gepubliceerd. Na het succes van The Firm kwam zijn eerste boek op de voorgrond en was ook enorm succesvol, omdat het werd verfilmd. De film A Time To Kill speelde Matthew McConaughey, Ashley Judd, Sandra Bullock, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Spacey, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, Donald Sutherland en Patrick McGoohan.

De naam van de hoofdpersoon, Mitchell “Mitch” McDeere, moet ingebakken zijn in de hoofden van alle advocaten en toekomstige advocaten in Noord-Amerika en daarbuiten, en vooral bij fiscalisten.

De roman heeft een geweldig tempo en geweldige karakterontwikkeling terwijl het door zijn cerebrale pad en kat- en muisjacht raast.

John Grisham is een van de zwaargewichten in het geschreven fictieve woord en terecht.

McDeeres studeerde af met een topdiploma in accountancy en studeerde daarna, derde in zijn klas, af aan de Harvard Law School. Hij had twee broers, één stierf in Vietnam en één zit in de gevangenis, een feit dat hij liever zwijgt.

Hij is getrouwd met een onderwijzeres, Abby.

Mitch krijgt een fantastisch financieel aanbod van een advocatenkantoor in Memphis, Bendini, Lambert en Locke, een klein fiscaal advocatenkantoor gevestigd in Memphis. Na zijn toetreding staat hij onder grote druk om te studeren en het bar-examen te halen. Mitch wordt toegewezen aan de non-conformistische partner, Avery Tolar.

Kort voordat McDeere begint, komen Marty Kozinski en Joe Hodge, twee van de advocaten van de firma, om het leven op de Kaaimaneilanden bij een duikongeval. Mitch gaat naar de begrafenissen en komt er dan achter dat drie andere advocaten die voor het kantoor werkten ook zijn overleden. Zijn vermoedens worden gewekt en hij neemt contact op met een vijand van zijn broer, Eddie Lomax. Lomax is een privé-detective en hij stemt ermee in om de zaak te behandelen.

Verdacht huurt hij een privédetective in, Eddie Lomax, een ex-celgenoot van zijn broer Ray, om de dood van de advocaten te onderzoeken.

Lomax wordt gedood, maar niet voordat hij McDeere waarschuwt voorzichtig te zijn. Hij was erachter gekomen dat de andere drie advocaten ook verdacht waren overleden.

McDeere is het doelwit van een FBI-agent, Wayne Tarrance. Hij komt erachter dat de FBI het bedrijf in de gaten houdt.

McDeere gaat op zakenreis naar Washington, D.C., waar hij door de FBI wordt geïnformeerd dat het bedrijf een front is. Het zorgt voor de financiële zaken van de misdaadfamilie Chicago Morolto.

Het werk van McDeere is tot dusver eerlijk geweest, maar de advocaten raken geleidelijk verstrikt in de criminele kant van het bedrijf, waaronder belastingfraude en witwaspraktijken.

De advocaten, eenmaal aangetrokken, kunnen niet weggaan, als ze dat proberen, worden ze vermoord.

Mitch ontdekt dat Kozinski en Hodge in contact waren met de FBI toen ze werden vermoord.

De beveiligingschef van het bedrijf, DeVasher, wordt verdacht dat hij betrokken raakt bij de FBI.

McDeere stemt ermee in om de FBI te helpen in ruil voor 2 miljoen dollar en de vrijlating van zijn broer Ray uit de gevangenis. Tammy Hemphill, de secretaris van Lomax, helpt McDeere met het kopiëren van duizenden belastende documenten met groot persoonlijk risico.

Door een lek bij de FBI wordt McDeere blootgesteld en ontsnapt hij door 10 miljoen te stelen van een van de Grand Cayman-bankrekeningen van het bedrijf.

De FBI klaagt veel van de huidige en voormalige leden van Bendini, Lambert en Locke aan. Ze klagen ook een grote groep verdachte leden van de familie Morolto aan. De kosten variëren van het witwassen van geld tot, de niet zo sexy, postfraude.

Mitch, Abby en Ray leiden dan een tevreden leven op de Kaaimaneilanden en leven van het geld.

John Grisham is een Amerikaanse advocaat, politicus en romanschrijver die gespecialiseerd is in juridische thrillers. In een interview op de Charlie Rose-show in 2016 zei Grisham dat zijn favoriete auteur John le Carré is. The New York Times zei over het boek: ‘Mr. Grisham, een strafrechtadvocaat, schrijft met zoveel plezier over de slinkse juridische praktijken van het kantoor dat zijn roman kan worden opgevat als een handleiding voor ambitieuze studenten belastingrecht. ‘

John Grisham is een van mijn favoriete auteurs van fictie en The Firm, een van mijn topkeuzes voor een vakantieles.

The Rooster Bar by John Grisham

The Rooster Bar by John Grisham.

What’s to say about John Grisham – except SUPERB! Some of my favourite books and films.

The Rooster Bar is another winner and is utterly engrossing.

It’s an ingenious novel relating to a group of third year law students Zola, Mark and Todd who spend much of their spare time in The Rooster Bar where Todd serves drinks.

They realise that they have been conned. They went heavily into debt borrowing money to pay for the courses at a poor law school where the graduates rarely pass the final bar exams and then get low grade jobs when they do.

They find out that the law school is one of a group of them owned by a dodgy hedge fund in New York who also specialise in student loans.

Deciding that they want to get their own back, they realise that there may also be a way to make some cash into the bargain.

The Rooster Club is a great novel by a fabulously inventive international writer, John Grisham.

The Rooster Bar de John Grisham.

Qué decir de John Grisham, excepto ¡EXCELENTE! Algunos de mis libros y películas favoritos.

The Rooster Bar es otro ganador y es absolutamente fascinante.

Es una novela ingeniosa relacionada con un grupo de estudiantes de derecho de tercer año, Zola, Mark y Todd, que pasan gran parte de su tiempo libre en The Rooster Bar, donde Todd sirve bebidas.

Se dan cuenta de que han sido estafados. Se endeudaron mucho pidiendo dinero prestado para pagar los cursos en una escuela de derecho pobre donde los graduados rara vez aprueban los exámenes finales de la abogacía y luego obtienen trabajos de baja calificación cuando lo hacen.

Descubren que la facultad de derecho forma parte de un grupo de propiedad de un fondo de cobertura poco fiable en Nueva York que también se especializa en préstamos para estudiantes.

Al decidir que quieren recuperar lo suyo, se dan cuenta de que también puede haber una forma de hacer algo de dinero en efectivo.

The Rooster Club es una gran novela de un escritor de ficción de suspenso fabulosamente inventivo, John Grisham.

The King of Torts by John Grisham

King of Torts thriller by John Grisham

King of Torts thriller by John Grisham

John Grisham’s The King of Torts is, as one might expect,  a legal suspense novel which was published in 2003 and which remained in the top 15 of the New York Times Best Sellers list for more than 20 weeks having been in first place initially.

The thriler novel centres around a lawyer, Clay Carter and what can be, the sordid world of the class action. Mr Carter doesn’t earn much working for the Office of the Public Defender, though he has high aspirations. Reluctantly, he takes on the case of Tequila Watson, a man accused of a random street killing. A random murder in Washington, D.C. sees the case of Tequila Watson pass before Mr Carter who reluctantly takes it on. He does not know why he killed Pumpkin, his friend.

However, the case is set to change Mr Carter’s life and fortunes. A shady individual, oddly named Max Pace, alerts Clay to a conspiracy that has been perpetuated by a pharmaceutical company. They have been conducting medical trials on recovering drug addicts. However, worryingly they have not obtained their consent first. Tequila was one of the unlucky ones to be part of a trial and doubly unlucky in that Tarvan, the drug, does not work in 10% of cases. Though it does not work in those few cases it has an unpleasant side effect in that it leads patients to commit random murders.

Max Pace is used by the drug company to make contact with Clay in an effort to keep a lid on their unsavoury practices and to keep victims quiet by paying them off with muchos dineros. Though Clay is concerned with the process he soon turns into a convert when he sees the vast sums of money to be made. Clay’s fortunes don’t come from winning cases but from forcing the pharmaceutical companies to settle out of court at the earliest point. He departs from the Public Defenders Office taking some colleagues and setting up his own firm.

Clay begins his slide into a murky world as Max Pace gives him insider information on other dangerous drugs that he may be able to profit from.  Clay rapidly reaches the dizzy heights among other established tort lawyers in the city. Clay’s meteoric rise, however, comes to the notice of the authorities and he is soon under investigation for such things as insider trading to name but one.

Clay’s luck rapidly changes as he is badly beaten up and hospitalised and as one of his biggest cases loses and his unhappy clients turn on him and begin to sue. Despondent, he eventually flees to England with his girlfriend, Rebecca.

Though I did enjoy the rollercoaster ride of The King of Torts fiction novel by John Grisham it did in parts seem to lose momentum. The plot is good, the characters strong and the novel flows, but it is just not totally convincing. However, that said, it is still a great read for a thriller while soaking up some rays on a tropical beach.

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The Racketeer by John Grisham

The Rackateer by John Grishm

The Racketeer by John Grishm

The Racketeer thriller by John Grisham tell the story of the life of Federal Judge Raymond Fogletree and his sudden and mysterious death. It’s surprising that these Judges don’t run into more difficulties when considering the enormity of the cases they deal with and the, sometimes, severe sentences they have to hand down to very dangerous individuals and organisations.

John Grisham states that in the USA only four active Federal Judges had previously been murdered, someone had just increased it to five.

The Judge’s body, along with that of his young secretary had been found in his lakeside cabin in the basement. The FBI had found the bodies after being alerted to the Judges disappearance by his law clerk. The clerk had become worried when the Judge didn’t turn up for Court on the previous Monday morning. The FBI checked the crime scene and found no forced entry and no indication of a struggle. Only the bodies showed evidence of a crime and the FBI felt it was someone close who had committed it.

The storyteller did not know the Judge but he did know why h was killed and who had done killed him. The only problem, a fellow lawyer, he now languished in prison.

The Racketeer is a piece of murder, mystery fiction which has a dark Noir feel to it. As always a tense and clever plot which has strong currents flowing through it. Well worth a read. Well done Grisham!

Spennutryllirinn Racketeer eftir John Grisham segir frá lífi sambandsdómara Raymond Fogletree og skyndilegs og dularfulls dauða hans. Það kemur á óvart að þessir dómarar lenda ekki í meiri erfiðleikum þegar þeir taka tillit til mikils mála sem þeir fjalla um og stundum þungra dóma sem þeir þurfa að dæma mjög hættulegum einstaklingum og samtökum.

John Grisham fullyrðir að í Bandaríkjunum hafi aðeins fjórir virkir alríkisdómarar áður verið myrtir, einhver hefði bara fjölgað þeim í fimm.

Lík dómarans ásamt líki ungs ritara hans höfðu fundist í skála hans við vatnið í kjallaranum. Alríkislögreglan FBI hafði fundið líkin eftir að lögregluvörður hans var látinn vita að dómararnir hvarf. Afgreiðslumaðurinn hafði orðið áhyggjufullur þegar dómarinn mætti ​​ekki fyrir dóminn á mánudagsmorguninn á undan. FBI kannaði glæpavettvanginn og fann enga þvingaða inngöngu og engar vísbendingar um baráttu. Aðeins líkin sýndu vísbendingar um glæp og FBI fannst að það væri einhver náinn sem hefði framið það.

Sögumaðurinn þekkti ekki dómara en hann vissi af hverju  var drepinn og hver hafði drepið hann. Eina vandamálið, samstarfsmaður lögfræðings, hvílir nú í fangelsi.

The Racketeer er morð, leyndardómsskáldskapur sem hefur dökka Noir -tilfinningu. Eins og alltaf spennuþrungin og snjöll söguþráður sem hefur sterka strauma sem flæða í gegnum hana. Vel þess virði að lesa. Vel gert Grisham!

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