Eye Kill by Ido Graf

Eye Kill is the first fiction book by Ido Graf in the Adam Wolf series.

See Glass was the first book published. The writer had requests from reader to find out about Wolf’s past and so he decided to write two preliminary books. Ido Graf has said that he is currently writing the second book in the series which will be set in France and India. The fourth and fifth books will be set in Russia with the Russian Mafia and in Japan in conjunction with the Yakuza, I understand.

The hero in Eye Kill, A. Wolf, is a US Marine sniper who is on tour in Afghanistan. The novel opens in the mountains of that country with Wolf and his spotter tucked into a hollow high up in the hills. They have waited patiently for a specific target to eliminate. That man does not appear, but another does. Wolf makes his decision.

Wolf is a trained killer and when he reaches his basecamp, he is told something which changes his worldview. He must return to the States following a terrible tragedy.

Adam returns to his home town – a town changed by fear, intimidation and corruption. He has few people that he can trust and that group diminishes over time.

Eye Kill is a novel of intrigue and death and subsequently of love and loyalty. This thriller by Ido Graf is well worth a read – buy Eye Kill now on Amazon. It is available as an eBook, paperback and as a large print hardcover.

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