Ripper – The Secret Life of Walter Sickert by Patricia Cornwell

Jack the Ripper thriller book

Jack the Ripper thriller book

The enigmatic and eccentric painter, Walter Sickert, had an air of mystery about him. In more recent times the accusatory finger of suspicion has been levelled at him. It is now widely believed that he may have been either, Jack the Ripper or his accomplice.

The New York Times bestselling author Patricia Cornwell spent millions researching the case and has uncovered important new evidence. Her book Ripper: The Secret Life of Walter Sickert, is a detailed account of the Ripper atrocities and the failure of the Victorian police force to solve this dastardly series of crimes.

Sickert’s art had a strange quality about it, verging on the ghoulish. He had a deep interest in the Jack’s crimes and claimed to have lodged in a boarding house where the landlady said she believed the Ripper had also lodged previously. Sickert even painted a picture depicting the Rippers room.

Patricia Cornwell’s research has been tirelessly executed and she has brought forth archival material which has not been seen before.

Ripper, The Secret Life of Walter Sickert follows on from Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper further expanding the depth of research and knowledge.

Patricia Cornwell has greatly added to this most gruesome of mysteries and her wonderful book is a must read for any sleuths among us.

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Portrait Of A Killer: Jack the Ripper – Case Closed by Patricia Cornwell

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

How strange it is, that Jack the Ripper should, even now, still excites such horror and fascination. Many of the streets and locations of the crimes can still be found huddled among the modern city of London. On a recent evening walking tour of the area, where some of the crimes were committed, I felt a slight unease and sadness as we traced the route through the hushed side streets. We ended as darkness fell at the notorious Ten Bells public House in Spitalfieds, which had associations with the case.

The horrors that were meted out to those women in London’s East End in the late 1880’s have never had closure as ’Jack’ was never conclusively identified…or was he?

However, the gruesome crimes and the man who committed them may well have met their match.

Patricia Cornwell, the New York Times bestselling author has turned her considerable skill on to solving this appalling mystery. Cornwell is a master in the field of plotting a crime – now she shows that she can solve one too. Using modern day forensics and meticulous research she puts forth an utterly compelling case.

Has she done enough in her book to conclusively prove her theory and to give us closure at last with the true identity of Jack? You will have to read the book to decide for yourself. However, for me this was a fascinating, detailed journey through one of the most infamous crimes set against the Victorian era Patricia Cornwell has proved her case to me.

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Paul Sussman – The Lost Army of Cambyses

The lost army of Cambyses

The lost army of Cambyses

Paul Sussman only wrote four novels before he died. I saw The Lost Army of Cambyses on a shelf in Heathrow Airport in a store I was wasting time in as I waited for a flight to the States. I was intrigued by the title and I decided to buy it. The fiction book remained in my bag and I did not read it until recently. I find it interesting and easy to read with a myriad of fascinating geographical and historical facts.

Kirkus Reviews said of it “A plot as complex as a hall of mirrors, and as gripping as a death threat.”
I can fully recommend it and I am now reading his other works, The Last Secret Temple, The Hidden Oasis and The Labyrinth of Osiris.

The world lost a great talent when the writer  Paul Sussman died.

פאולוס זוסמאַן האָט בלויז געשריבן פיר ראמאנען איידער ער איז געשטאָרבן. איך האָב געזען די לאָסט אַרמי פון קאַמביסעס אויף אַ פּאָליצע אין העאַטהראָוו ערפּאָרט אין אַ קראָם אין וואָס איך וויסט צייט אין ווי איך געווארט פֿאַר אַ פלי צו די שטאַטן. איך איז געווען ינטריגד דורך דעם טיטל און איך באַשלאָסן צו קויפן עס. דער בעלעטריסטיק בוך איז געבליבן אין מיין טאַש און איך האט נישט לייענען עס ביז לעצטנס. איך געפֿינען עס טשיקאַווע און גרינג צו לייענען מיט אַ פּלאַץ פון פאַסאַנייטינג דזשיאַגראַפיקאַל און היסטארישע פאקטן.

Kirkus Reviews האָט געזאָגט וועגן אים “א פּלאַנעווען ווי קאָמפּלעקס ווי אַ זאַל פון מירערז, און ווי גריפּינג ווי אַ טויט סאַקאָנע.”
איך קען גאָר רעקאָמענדירן עס און איך לייענען איצט זיין אנדערע ווערק, די לעצטע סעקרעט המקדש, די פאַרבאָרגן אָאַזיס און די לאַבירינטה פון אָסיריס.

די וועלט פאַרפאַלן אַ גרויס טאַלאַנט ווען דער שרייבער פאולוס זוסמאַן איז געשטארבן.
faulus zusman hot bloyz geshribn fir ramanen eyder er iz geshtorbn. ikh hob gezen di lost armi fun kambises aoyf a politse in heathrov erport in a krom in vos ikh vist tseyt in vi ikh gevart far a fli tsu di shtatn. ikh iz geven intrigd durkh dem titl aun ikh bashlosn tsu koyfn es. der beletristik bukh iz geblibn in meyn tash aun ikh hat nisht leyenen es biz letstns. ikh gefinen es tshikave aun gring tsu leyenen mit a plats fun fasaneyting jyagrafikal aun histarishe faktn.

Kirkus Reviews hot gezogt vegn im “a planeven vi komplex vi a zal fun mirerz, aun vi griping vi a toyt sakone.”
ikh ken gor rekomendirn es aun ikh leyenen itst zeyn andere verk, di letste sekret hmkdsh, di farborgn oazis aun di labirinth fun osiris.

di velt farfaln a groys talant ven der shreyber faulus zusman iz geshtarbn.

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The Vivero Letter by Desmond Bagley

The Vivero Letter by Desmond Bagley

The Vivero Letter by Desmond Bagley

The Vivero Letter was written in 1968 by Desmond Bagley.

The fiction story starts as Jeremy Wheale’s brother is killed by a hit man sent by the Mafia. The tragedy revolves around a 16th century gold tray which is a family heirloom. Wheale travels from Devon in the south of England to Mexico and from there to the tropical rain forests of the Yucatán Peninsula. Wheale works with two archeologists as they try to find a legendary hoard of Mayan gold. The treasure is from the lost city of the Mayas, Uaxuanoc.   The Mob are on the trail of Wheale, as are the Chicleros, a deadly group of convict mercenaries as Wheale begins to mistrust his two archeologist friends.

A superb book with lots of action, a clever plot and great locations. Desmond Bagley wrote some of the best highly entertaining thrilers and action & adventure.

Viverobrevet av Desmond Bagley

Viverobrevet skrevs 1968 av Desmond Bagley.

Skönlitteraturen börjar när Jeremy Wheales bror dödas av en hitman som skickats av maffian. Tragedin kretsar kring en guldbricka från 1500 -talet som är ett arv till familjen. Wheale reser från Devon i södra England till Mexiko och därifrån till de tropiska regnskogarna på Yucatánhalvön. Wheale arbetar med två arkeologer när de försöker hitta en legendarisk skara med maya -guld. Skatten är från den förlorade staden Mayas, Uaxuanoc. Mobben är på spåret av Wheale, liksom Chicleros, en dödlig grupp av dömda legosoldater när Wheale börjar misstro sina två arkeologvänner.

En suverän bok med massor av action, en smart handling och bra platser. Desmond Bagley skrev några av de bästa mycket underhållande thrillrarna och action och äventyr.

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