Past Tense by Lee Child

The new novel from Lee Child, Past Tense is out now.

I’ve only just bought this, so I can’t give a review yet – but I am an avid Lee Child fan so I’m looking forward to it!

Lee Child is a prolific and superb thriller writer and one of my favourites. Read Past Tense – I’m sure you will find it enthrawling!

A top writer of fiction and thrillers. Many of his books are available as audiobooks, e-books and paperbacks.

Il nuovo romanzo di Lee Child, Past Tense è ora disponibile.

L’ho appena acquistato, quindi non posso ancora dare una recensione, ma sono un fan accanito di Lee Child, quindi non vedo l’ora!

Lee Child è uno scrittore prolifico e superbo e uno dei miei preferiti. Leggi il passato: sono sicuro che lo troverai entusiasmante!

Uno dei migliori scrittori di narrativa e thriller.

Mr Mercedes by Stephen King

The Sunday Express said that this novel, Mr Mercedes by Stephen King, was’the best thriller of the year’.

Stephen King has written over fifty worldwide best-selling books. Mr Mercedes was the first novel of his to feature the character, Bill Hodges.

Several of Stephen Kings books have been made into films such The Shawshank Redemption.

King was shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger Award for Mr Mercedes and won the prestigious Edgar Award for best novel for it. Mr Mercedes was also awarded the Goodreads Choice Award for the Best Mystery and Thriller of 2014.

Stephen King has also been awarded the National Book Foundation Medal, the National Medal of Arts and the Grand Master Award from the Mystery Writers of America.

No doubt, like many police officers Bill Hodges, cannot forget the cases that he couldn’t close. One particularly unpleasant case remains at the forefront of his mind. Early one morning at the opening of a jobs fair, eight people in the line-up of hundreds were killed.

They were killed by a madman who drove a stolen Mercedes into them. The deceased just wanted to improve their lives and the lives of their families on that morning and yet, their lives would cease that fateful day.

The horror of that day and the killer at large haunts Hodges. Then one day the fire is re-ignited in him. He receives a letter from someone claiming to be the killer. He says he will kill again.

Bill Hodges had never liked to see a criminal get away with a crime. He was intent that this killer would not repeat his crime, retirement or no retirement, he was going to get him!

Brady Hartsfield is intent on killing again, taunting Hodges just adds some spice to the event.  This time he is intent on killing many more.

Hodges and his buddies will do everything they can to catch the killer before it is too late.

This is a beautifully crafted novel with three dimensional characters and a fast paced, page turning plot from one of the masters of the craft.

Take the time to read this novel, Mr Mercedes, you will not be disappointed.

Mr Mercedes bytop international fiction author Stephen King is available at World of Books.



スティーブンキングスの本のいくつかは、The Shawshank Redemptionなどの映画になっています。

キングはメルセデス氏のCWAゴールドダガー賞の候補者に選ばれ、最高の小説で名誉あるエドガー賞を受賞しました。メルセデス氏は、2014年のベストミステリーアンドスリラーでGoodreads Choice Awardも受賞しました。










スティーブンキングのメルセデス氏は、World of Booksで入手できます。


Along Came A Spider by James Patterson

Along came a spider

Along came a spider

The novel Along Came a Spider written by James Patterson is a great introduction to this prolific and hugely successful writers work.

This book by Patterson introduced us all to Alex Cross and the series which followed. A great thriller which is well plotted and the Alex Cross books have dominated the detective novel lists for years.

Washington, D.C. Alex Cross, the renowned Washington D.C. forensic psychologist and homicide investigator, is tasked with looking in to the violent murder of two black prostitutes and a child in the projects.

Cross is furious when he is removed from the case to investigate a kidnapping of two white children at an expensive private school. He feels that there is a sense that the colour determines which case is the more important. The kidnapper is Gary Soneji, the school maths teacher.

The evil Soneji, buries Maggie Rose Dunne and Michael Goldberg alive, in a coffin made for the task, at a remote farmhouse.

Alex Cross and the FBI make a detailed search of Soneji’s apartment. They find a wealth of information about kidnappings and master criminals. In particular it appears that Soneji has a more than passing obsession with the Lindbergh baby kidnapping of 1932.

Soanji clearly has a warped desire to become infamous.

Cross hooks up with Jezzie Flanagan, the first female supervisor of the Secret Service and the head of the Secret Service investigative team, in a secret liaison which complicates matters.

During the investigation Roger Graham, an FBI agent, is killed by Soneji who disguises himself as a reporter.

A missing little girl named Maggie Rose . . . a family of three brutally murdered in the projects of Washington, D.C. . . . the thrill-killing of a beautiful elementary school teacher . . . a psychopathic serial kidnapper/murderer who is so terrifying that the FBI, the Secret Service, and the police cannot outsmart him – even after he’s been captured.

The police, FBI and the Secret Service are pitted against a true adversary in the guise of the violent psychopath, Soanji.

I don’t want to ruin the plot for you in this cleverly plotted and intricate game of cat and mouse where the stakes are the very highest.

Other thriller authors have spoken very highly of James Pattersons work:

“An incredibly suspenseful read with a one-of-a-kind killer who is as terrifying as he is intriguing. One of the best thrillers of the year.”
Clive Cussler

“The best thriller I’ve come across in many a year. It deserves to be this season’s NO.1 best-seller.
Nelson  DeMille

Along Came A Spider by James Patterson is a superb read.

Photo by Julian Schultz on Unsplash

Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben

Thriller novel

Thriller novel

Harlan Coben is a highly successfull American author of thriller and mystery novels thrillers with multiple threads woven into them. Many are set in and around New York and New Jersey.

Deal Breaker was written in 1995 and features a former basketball player turned sports agent, ports agent Myron Bolitar. He is about to cash in with Christian Steele, a quarterback, who is one of his premier clients. Bolitar is utterly engaging though hotheaded.

However, things begin to turn sour when the quarter back is contacted bey one of his past girlfriends. Particularly surprising as both the police and he had her as dead.
Myron is faced with the ugly back story of his industry where the façade is everything, especially the gateway to untold riches.

Trying to unravel the truth about a family’s tragedy, a woman’s secret, and a man’s lies, Bolitar is up against the dark side of his business where image and talent make you rich, but the truth can get you killed.

Deal Breaker is a superb novel which is a real page turner from start to finish. Harlan Coben is a superb writer.

Harlan Coben ist ein sehr erfolgreicher amerikanischer Autor von Thriller- und Krimi-Thrillern, in die mehrere Fäden eingewebt sind. Viele spielen in und um New York und New Jersey.

Deal Breaker wurde 1995 geschrieben und zeigt einen ehemaligen Basketballspieler, der zum Sportagenten wurde, den Hafenagenten Myron Bolitar. Er ist dabei, mit Christian Steele, einem Quarterback, der einer seiner wichtigsten Kunden ist, Geld zu verdienen. Bolitar ist äußerst engagiert, obwohl er hitzköpfig ist.

Die Dinge beginnen jedoch sauer zu werden, wenn das Viertel zurück von einer seiner früheren Freundinnen kontaktiert wird. Besonders überraschend, da sowohl die Polizei als auch er sie als tot hatten.
Myron sieht sich mit der hässlichen Hintergrundgeschichte seiner Branche konfrontiert, in der die Fassade alles ist, insbesondere das Tor zu unermesslichen Reichtümern.

Bolitar versucht, die Wahrheit über die Tragödie einer Familie, das Geheimnis einer Frau und die Lügen eines Mannes herauszufinden, und steht vor der dunklen Seite seines Geschäfts, wo Image und Talent Sie reich machen, aber die Wahrheit kann Sie umbringen.

Deal Breaker ist ein großartiger Roman, der von Anfang bis Ende ein echter Seitenwender ist. Harlan Coben ist ein hervorragender Autor von Thrillern und Belletristik.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash