The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy

The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy

The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy

The Hunt for Red October was the first techno-thriller novel by Tom Clancy. It was published in 1984 by the Naval Institute Press and the U.S. President, at the time, Ronald Reagan said of it, that he had enjoyed reading the book. I’m not surprised, it’s a real page-turner.

It’s a clever plot, with a lot of detail. Russian Naval Captain Marko Ramius, who is of Lithuanian descent, is at sea with his nuclear submarine. The sub is called Red October, hence the books name, and it is bristling with state-of-the-art ballistic missiles. The submarine utilises a silent propulsion system called the caterpillar drive. This means that audio detection by passive sonar is near impossible – this is deeply concerning for the Americans.

He appears to have gone rogue.

We first see a name, Jack Ryan, which we all know now. Jack Ryan works for the Central Intelligence Agency as an analyst. Jack has a theory.  He believes that Ramius is intent on defecting to the United States.

Ramius kills the boats political officer, Ivan Putin, in case he tried to prevent him from defecting. He lies to the crew telling them that they are going to Cuba, but by this time the Russians are in hot pursuit having been notified of his plans by Ramius. The letter arrived after he had set sail.

The Russians pretend that they are on a search and rescue mission, but they will sink Red October if they have to.

As the Red October passes by Iceland whilst making its escape it comes close to the USS Dallas, a Los Angeles-class submarine. The American crew hear an unusual sound, the caterpillar drive, but they don’t initially think that it is as a submarine.

The Americans suspect the motives of the Russians and crews are on alert.

On the Dallas submarine the crew analyse the sonar tape again. They realise that what they heard was the new propulsion system of the Red October.

Jack Ryan then begins to work his magic.

Tom Clancy wrote many fantastic books in his career, but The Hunt for Red October has always been my personal favourite of his.

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A Small Death in Lisbon by Robert Wilson

A small death in Lisbon

A small death in Lisbon

I was recommended to the works of Robert Wilson by a friend of mine and I am glad I was. The espionage thriller, ‘A small death in Lisbon’, intrigued me and so, along with a love of all things Portuguese, I bought it.

Wilson is a British writer who currently lives in Portugal. He is the son of an RAF fighter pilot, and has a degree in English from Oxford. He was written crime novels based in Benin in West Africa, and also a series set mainly in Seville, in the Andalusian region of southern Spain. Born in 1957, the son of an RAF pilot,  he finished his studies with a degree in English at Oxford University which was clearly a good grounding for what was to come. Wilson won the CWA Gold Dagger for this book  and the German Crime Prize and rightly (or is it writely?) so.

A Small Death in Lisbon is an excellent novel by Robert Wilson and well worth the read. The story has several threads which intertwine into a lush tapestry a la finRobert Wilson sets the story in Portugal, which gives a wonderfully exotic air. It involves SS officers during the war and ranges through to sexual intrigue, murder and the contemporary investigations of Inspector José “Zé” Coelho.

Well done Robert!

If you enjoy this novel then you will also enjoy See Glass by Ido Graf.

Jeg blev anbefalet til værkerne af Robert Wilson af en af ​​mine venner, og jeg er glad for, at jeg var det. Spionagethrilleren, ‘En lille død i Lissabon’, fascinerede mig, og derfor købte jeg den sammen med en kærlighed til alt portugisisk.

Wilson er en britisk forfatter, der i øjeblikket bor i Portugal. Han er søn af en RAF jagerpilot og har en uddannelse i engelsk fra Oxford. Han blev skrevet kriminalromaner baseret i Benin i Vestafrika, og også en serie, der hovedsageligt udspiller sig i Sevilla, i den andalusiske region i det sydlige Spanien. Født i 1957, søn af en RAF -pilot, afsluttede han sine studier med en grad i engelsk ved Oxford University, hvilket klart var en god grund for det, der skulle komme. Wilson vandt CWA Gold Dagger for denne bog og den tyske krimipris og med rette (eller er det klogt?) Så.

En lille død i Lissabon er en fremragende roman af Robert Wilson og værd at læse. Historien har flere tråde, der fletter sig ind i et frodigt gobelin a la fin. Robert Wilson sætter historien i Portugal, hvilket giver en vidunderligt eksotisk luft. Det involverer SS -officerer under krigen og spænder fra seksuelle intriger, mord og nutidige undersøgelser af inspektør José “Zé” Coelho.

Godt gået Robert!

Hvis du nyder denne roman, vil du også nyde See Glass af Ido Graf.

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