See Glass by Ido Graf

Sea Glass - My best fiction books 2020

The book See Glass by Ido Graf, is a fast-paced action thriller which has been described as having a style like Tom Clancy.  I agree with that but I would also say, Frederick Forsyth as both authors researched their novels in great detail,  as does Graf. They all intertwine fact with fiction giving novels of profound insight and realism.

Sea Glass is a contemporary thriller set in various exotic locations such as North America, Europe and the Middle East.

The story begins in a small Andalusian fishing village when a redundant reporter meets a former Foreign Legionnaire by chance. The story he is told appears to be fictitious, but as the journalist begins to dig deeper  …the boundaries between fact and fiction begin to blur and the danger increases.

A top story for men and women that encompasses secrets, spies, hidden Nazi gold and politicians across the northern hemisphere.

The new book See Glass by thriller, adventure, spy story writer Ido Graf has all the twists of a Nelson DeMille bestseller novel. DeMille’s Plum Island is one of my best fiction books of all time. See Glass is one of my picks for best fiction books of 2020.

Another great fiction book writer I have read recently is Ben MacIntyre. His book The Spy and the Traitor is a riveting book and another of my top fiction books to read. It’s the sort of book that would make a great contemporary film or TV series.

Many new streaming services have appeared in recent years. Film production companies  such as Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Paramount Pictures have been joined by others such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Studios, Sky TV, Crackle and Disney+.

See Glass by Ido Graf is available now either as a paperback or as a Kindle eBook on Amazon. I understand that this novel will also be available on Audible as an audiobook in the coming two months.

The book foretold subversion of the US democracy by a President in league with right-wing groups. See the video of See Glass on Vimeo.

The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett

The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett

The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett

American writer Dashiell Hammett wrote the classic novel The Maltese Falcon.

It was originally serialized, like many of Charles Dickens’ works, in the Black Mask magazine in 1929 to 30. The book was made into the classic film of the same name with actors Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Gladys George, Sydney Greenstreet and incredible Peter Lorre.

Sam Spade is the main character and practises as a private detective, in partnership with Miles Archer, in San Francisco.

A glamorous beauty, Miss Wonderly, hires them to follow a man called Floyd Thursby, who she says has run away with her sister. Archer sets off to follow Thursby, but winds up dead that night. He’d been shot. Next Thursby gets himself killed and the police suspect Spade.

Miss Wonderly is unmasked. She is actually called Brigid O’Shaughnessy. It transpires that she is  on the hunt for a very valuable black statue of a falcon. She is not the only one. A shady Greek called Joel Cairo and Casper Gutman are also after the falcon. Gutman has in his service, one Wilmer Cook, a young, volatile, gun-totting thug. O’Shaughnessy will not spill the beans to Spade, though she is desperate for his help.

I can’t tell you the rest as it would spoil such a wonderful plot.

It is a story which is full of mystery, intrigue and thrills set off with a touch of the exotic.

Dashiell Hammett wrote this best seller novel, The Maltese Falcon, while living at 891 Post Street in downtown San Francisco. He is one of the worlds finest writers of detective novels and his work endures.

Papillon by Henri Charrière


Papillon a classic thriller

Papillon, was a bestseller when it was published in 1969 and who among us will not remember the Hollywood film of the same title which starred Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman. Papillon, the French for butterfly, was a nickname that was given to Charrière and it also referred to his tattoo. It is a novel about the recollections of Henri Charrière and it describes his conviction, incarceration on and subsequent escape from a prison on Devil’s Island, which was a French penal colony off the coast of French Guiana.

The author, Charrière claimed that all of the events that he wrote of were true but this was later called into question. Though some of it clearly is true it is thought that some of the scenarios and adventures may have been distilled from the lives of his fellow inmates.

The book opens with Charrières conviction in France for murder of a pimp named Roland Le Petit and following a period in prison in Caen he was sent by ship to South America and onward to the notorious Devils Island. Papillon met a fellow inmate Louis Dega who had previously been a banker prior to conviction for counterfeiting. Papillon liked Dega and protected him from other inmates. The book spans a period of fourteen years of Papillon’s life up to 1945 and covers his hardships and various escape attempts.

Papillon a fascinating novel, particularly if it was all true, and gives a real insight into the brutalities of the time and the incredible tenacity and will power of Charrière. Well worth reading, even if you have seen the film which differs in part.

Papillon, ήταν μπεστ σέλερ όταν κυκλοφόρησε το 1969 και ποιος από εμάς δεν θα θυμάται την ομότιτλη ταινία του Χόλιγουντ που πρωταγωνιστούσε ο Στιβ ΜακΚουίν και ο Ντάστιν Χόφμαν. Το Papillon, το γαλλικό για πεταλούδα, ήταν ένα ψευδώνυμο που δόθηκε στον Charrière και αναφερόταν επίσης στο τατουάζ του. Είναι ένα μυθιστόρημα για τις αναμνήσεις του Henri Charrière και περιγράφει την καταδίκη του, τον εγκλεισμό του και τη μετέπειτα απόδρασή του από μια φυλακή στο Νησί του Διαβόλου, η οποία ήταν μια γαλλική ποινική αποικία στα ανοικτά της Γαλλικής Γουιάνας.

Ο συγγραφέας, Charrière ισχυρίστηκε ότι όλα τα γεγονότα για τα οποία έγραψε ήταν αληθινά, αλλά αυτό αργότερα τέθηκε υπό αμφισβήτηση. Αν και ορισμένα από αυτά είναι σαφώς αληθινά, πιστεύεται ότι ορισμένα σενάρια και περιπέτειες μπορεί να έχουν αποσταχθεί από τη ζωή των συγκρατούμενών του.

Το βιβλίο ξεκινά με την καταδίκη του Charrières στη Γαλλία για δολοφονία ενός μαστροπέα ονόματι Roland Le Petit και μετά από μια περίοδο φυλακής στο Caen, στάλθηκε με πλοίο στη Νότια Αμερική και στη συνέχεια στο περιβόητο Νησί των Διαβόλων. Ο Papillon συνάντησε έναν συγκρατούμενό του Louis Dega, ο οποίος είχε προηγουμένως ήταν τραπεζίτης πριν καταδικαστεί για παραχάραξη. Ο Papillon άρεσε στον Dega και τον προστάτεψε από άλλους κρατούμενους. Το βιβλίο καλύπτει μια περίοδο δεκατεσσάρων ετών από τη ζωή του Papillon έως το 1945 και καλύπτει τις δυσκολίες του και τις διάφορες απόπειρες απόδρασης.

Papillon μια συναρπαστική ιστορία, ειδικά αν ήταν όλα αληθινά, και δίνει μια πραγματική εικόνα για τις θηριωδίες της εποχής και την απίστευτη επιμονή και δύναμη της Charrière. Αξίζει να το διαβάσετε, ακόμα κι αν έχετε δει την ταινία που διαφέρει εν μέρει.
Papillon, ítan best séler ótan kyklofórise to 1969 kai poios apó emás den tha thymátai tin omótitli tainía tou Chóligount pou protagonistoúse o Stiv MakKouín kai o Ntástin Chófman. To Papillon, to gallikó gia petaloúda, ítan éna psevdónymo pou dóthike ston Charrière kai anaferótan epísis sto tatouáz tou. Eínai éna mythistórima gia tis anamníseis tou Henri Charrière kai perigráfei tin katadíki tou, ton enkleismó tou kai ti metépeita apódrasí tou apó mia fylakí sto Nisí tou Diavólou, i opoía ítan mia gallikí poinikí apoikía sta anoiktá tis Gallikís Gouiánas.

O syngraféas, Charrière ischyrístike óti óla ta gegonóta gia ta opoía égrapse ítan alithiná, allá aftó argótera téthike ypó amfisvítisi. An kai orisména apó aftá eínai safós alithiná, pistévetai óti orisména senária kai peripéteies boreí na échoun apostachtheí apó ti zoí ton synkratoúmenón tou.

To vivlío xekiná me tin katadíki tou Charrières sti Gallía gia dolofonía enós mastropéa onómati Roland Le Petit kai metá apó mia período fylakís sto Caen, stálthike me ploío sti Nótia Amerikí kai sti synécheia sto perivóito Nisí ton Diavólon. O Papillon synántise énan synkratoúmenó tou Louis Dega, o opoíos eíche proigouménos ítan trapezítis prin katadikasteí gia paracháraxi. O Papillon árese ston Dega kai ton prostátepse apó állous kratoúmenous. To vivlío kalýptei mia período dekatessáron etón apó ti zoí tou Papillon éos to 1945 kai kalýptei tis dyskolíes tou kai tis diáfores apópeires apódrasis.

Papillon mia synarpastikí istoría, eidiká an ítan óla alithiná, kai dínei mia pragmatikí eikóna gia tis thiriodíes tis epochís kai tin apístefti epimoní kai dýnami tis Charrière. Axízei na to diavásete, akóma ki an échete dei tin tainía pou diaférei en mérei.

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The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth

The kill list by Frederick Forsyth

The kill list by Frederick Forsyth

What can I say about Forsyth!….a giant of a writer who’s meticulous research just oozes out of the pages. I live in expectant anticipation for each new novel. Frederick Forsyth is a true master of the thriller genre.

The Kill List is highly topical, scarey and cleverly plotted. A terrorist who delivers online radical sermons and who has come to be known as The Preacher has incited some Muslims to carry out assassinations. A retired US Marine general is one of their victims, but his son is a terrorist hunter.

The terrosit hunter enlists the helps of a teenage computer geek with Asperger’s Syndrome. The young man never leaves the loft of his family home though he is a genius when it comes to the internet.

The novel races between the USA and Somalia with detailed subplots involving warlords, pirates and special forces.

Forsyth has an intense knowledge of all he writes of which is ever evident.

Frederick Forsyth is at his best in this fiction novel and shows the true mastery he has attained through skill and exceptional hard work.

Don’t miss out on this great fiction novel.

Wat kan ik zeggen over Forsyth!…een reus van een schrijver wiens nauwgezette onderzoek gewoon uit de pagina’s druipt. Ik leef vol verwachting uit naar elke nieuwe roman. Frederick Forsyth is een ware meester van het thrillergenre.

The Kill List is zeer actueel, eng en slim geplot. Een terrorist die online radicale preken houdt en die bekend is komen te staan ​​als The Preacher, heeft sommige moslims ertoe aangezet om moorden te plegen. Een gepensioneerde generaal van de Amerikaanse mariniers is een van hun slachtoffers, maar zijn zoon is een terroristenjager.

De terrosietenjager roept de hulp in van een tienercomputernerd met het syndroom van Asperger. De jonge man verlaat nooit de zolder van zijn ouderlijk huis, hoewel hij een genie is als het om internet gaat.

De roman racet tussen de VS en Somalië met gedetailleerde subplots met krijgsheren, piraten en speciale troepen.

Forsyth heeft een intense kennis van alles wat hij schrijft, wat altijd duidelijk is.

Frederick Forsyth is op zijn best in deze roman en toont het ware meesterschap dat hij heeft bereikt door vaardigheid en uitzonderlijk hard werken.

Mis deze geweldige fictieroman niet.

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The Quiller Memorandum by Adam Hall

The Quiller Memorandum espionage thriller

The Quiller Memorandum espionage thriller

This is one of the first and best adventure spy novels I read and I became a firm fan of Quiller and Adam Hall.

The Quiller Memorandum which was also known as The Berlin Memorandum was written by Adam Hall in 1965.  Hall introduced Quiller in this book as a British intelligence officer in the very secret body known as ‘the Bureau’. Quiller was also said to have been in the secret services during World War II. The Bureau is a shady organisation whose purpose was originally to prevent any possible increase in German militarism, such as a fourth Reich.

Quiller was a specialist in Nazi clandestine organizations such as the ‘ratlines’ which were used by Nazis to escape trial. The book is set in the mid-sixties where Quiller is seconded by the Bureau to give secret intelligence information to the Z Commission which is West Germany’s war crimes investigatitive agency. Quiller is persuaded by the bureau to investigate the plans of a secret Nazi secret. He readily does so, as the Nazis have killed one of his friends.

Adam Hall was a wonderful writer of espionage fiction. A classic read that is sure to enthrawl.

Aquesta és una de les primeres novel·les d’aventures i espies que vaig llegir i em vaig convertir en un ferm fan de Quiller i Adam Hall.

El Memoràndum Quiller, també conegut com a Memoràndum de Berlín, va ser escrit per Adam Hall el 1965. Hall va introduir Quiller en aquest llibre com a oficial d’intel·ligència britànic en el cos secret conegut com a “l’Oficina”. Es va dir que Quiller va estar als serveis secrets durant la Segona Guerra Mundial. L’Oficina és una organització obaga que el seu propòsit era originalment evitar qualsevol possible augment del militarisme alemany, com ara un quart Reich.

Quiller era un especialista en organitzacions clandestines nazis, com ara les “ratlines”, que eren utilitzades pels nazis per fugir del judici. El llibre es troba a mitjan anys seixanta, on Quiller és secundat per l’Oficina per donar informació d’intel·ligència secreta a la Comissió Z, que és l’agència d’investigació de crims de guerra d’Alemanya Occidental. Quiller és persuadit per l’oficina per investigar els plans d’un secret secret nazi. Ho fa fàcilment, ja que els nazis han matat un dels seus amics.

Adam Hall va ser un meravellós escriptor de ficció d’espionatge. Una lectura clàssica que segur que engrescarà.

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The Gold of Malabar by Berkely Mather

The gold of Malabar

The gold of Malabar

The Gold of Malabar was written by  British author, Berkely Mather, in 1967 Berkely Mather was a Nom de Plume for  thriller writer John Evan Weston-Davies, whose family emigrated to Australia shortly before World War I.

He published fifteen novels and a book of short stories whilst also writing for radio, television and for films.   Mather enlisted in the Royal Horse Artillery but failing to gain a commission he next joined the Indian Army where he became a sergeant at the outbreak of World War II. Serving under Slim in the Iraq campaign he finally ended the war as an acting lieutenant-colonel. After Indian independence in 1947, he rejoined the British Army, entering the Royal Artillery and eventually retiring in 1959. The Achilles Affair Mather’s first novel, was published in 1959 and was a minor best-seller. His second novel ‘The Pass Beyond Kashmir’ written in 1960 received high praise from Ian Fleming and Erle Stanley Gardner and it did even better. It is said that Ernest Hemingway owned copies of these two novels

A desperate adventure starting with a prison escape in search of gold. A thoroughly exciting novel which traces its way across India. While banged up in a prison in Goa Mike O’Reilly speaks with a dying Dutch prisoner called Rokkjer. He gives O’Reilly a gold medal asking him to bring it to a Buddhist monk called Nu Pau in Bombay and to say, “Rokkjer said to keep faith.” Rokkjer also gives a mysterious quote of, “Pythagoras, northeast, and the word is try, try, try…”  O’Reilly escapes into a dangerous world of greedy looters all looking for the secret map that will bring them to the hidden cache of gold………………

This is a classic action & adventure novel written by a skilled author who clearly knew India. Unputdownable…..if that’s a word!

The Gold of Malabar is geskryf deur die Britse skrywer, Berkely Mather, in 1967 Berkely Mather was ‘n Nom de Plume vir die riller John Evan Weston-Davies, wie se familie kort voor die Eerste Wêreldoorlog na Australië geëmigreer het.

Hy publiseer vyftien romans en ‘n boek met kortverhale, terwyl hy ook vir radio, televisie en films skryf. Mather het by die Royal Horse Artillery aangesluit, maar sonder om ‘n kommissie te kry, het hy daarna by die Indiese leër aangesluit, waar hy sersant geword het by die uitbreek van die Tweede Wêreldoorlog. Hy dien onder Slim in die Irak-veldtog en eindig uiteindelik die oorlog as waarnemende luitenant-kolonel. Na die onafhanklikheid van Indië in 1947, het hy weer by die Britse leër aangesluit, die Koninklike Artillerie binnegegaan en uiteindelik in 1959 afgetree. Die eerste roman van die Achilles Affair Mather verskyn in 1959 en was ‘n klein topverkoper. Sy tweede roman ‘The Pass Beyond Kashmir’ wat in 1960 geskryf is, het groot lof gekry van Ian Fleming en Erle Stanley Gardner en dit het nog beter gevaar. Daar word gesê dat Ernest Hemingway kopieë van hierdie twee romans besit

‘N Wanhopige avontuur wat begin met ‘n ontsnapping uit die tronk op soek na goud. ‘N Uiters opwindende roman wat in Indië spoor. Terwyl hy in ‘n gevangenis in Goa gevang is, praat Mike O’Reilly met ‘n sterwende Nederlandse gevangene genaamd Rokkjer. Hy gee O’Reilly ‘n goue medalje waarin hy hom vra om dit na ‘n Boeddhistiese monnik genaamd Nu Pau in Bombay te bring en te sê: “Rokkjer het gesê om geloof te behou.” Rokkjer gee ook ‘n geheimsinnige aanhaling van: “Pythagoras, noordoos, en die woord is probeer, probeer, probeer …” O’Reilly ontsnap in ‘n gevaarlike wêreld van gulsige plunderaars wat almal op soek is na die geheime kaart wat hulle na die verborge sal bring goudkas ………………

Dit is ‘n klassieke aksie- en avontuurroman geskryf deur ‘n bekwame skrywer wat Indië duidelik geken het. ‘N Roman wat onafwendbaar is ….. as dit ‘n woord is!

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Plum Island by Nelson DeMille

Plum island nelson demille thriller

Nelson DeMille fiction Thriller

An NYPD homicide cop John Corey who was wounded in the line of duty is convalescing in a rural part of Long Island.  A young couple he knows are shot and killed on the family patio. They had previously worked as biologists at Plum Island, a research site which was said to be an incubator for germ warfare.

This double murder has terrifying global implications – and forces Corey and two incredible women into a perilous search for the secrets of Plum Island. A superb thriler.

DeMille himself, has had a very interesting life spending three years as an officer in the First Cavalry Division of the United States Army. Between 1966 and 1969 he saw action as an infantry platoon leader during the Vietnam War eventually being decorated with the Bronze Star, the Air Medal and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

Plum Island by Nelson DeMille is gritty and atmospheric fiction novel and I would thoroughly recommend it.

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Książka fiction Plum Islandby najlepszy pisarz Nelson DeMille.

Nypd zabójstwo policjant John Corey, który został ranny w linii służby jest rekonwalescencji w wiejskiej części Long Island.  Młoda para, którą zna, zostaje zastrzelona na rodzinnym patio. Wcześniej pracowali jako biolodzy w Plum Island, miejscu badawczym, które było uważane za inkubator dla walki z zarazkami.

To podwójne morderstwo ma przerażające globalne implikacje – i zmusza Corey i dwie niesamowite kobiety do niebezpiecznego poszukiwania tajemnic Plum Island.

Sam pisarz deMille, miał bardzo ciekawe życie spędzając trzy lata jako oficer w Pierwszej Dywizji Kawalerii Armii Stanów Zjednoczonych. W latach 1966-1969 był przywódcą plutonu piechoty w czasie wojny w Wietnamie, a następnie odznaczony Brązową Gwiazdą, Medalem Powietrznym i Wietnamskim Krzyżem Galanterii.

Powieść Plum Island Nelsona DeMille’a jest surowa i klimatyczna i bardzo bym ją poleciła.

Die fiksieboek Plum Islandby beste skrywer Nelson DeMille.

‘n NYPD-moord cop John Corey wat in die pligslyn gewond is, is in ‘n landelike deel van Long Island.  ‘n Jong paartjie wat hy ken, word op die gesinstoep geskiet en vermoor. Hulle het voorheen as bioloë by Plum Island gewerk, ‘n navorsingswebwerf wat gesê het dat hulle ‘n broeikas vir kiemoorlogvoering is.

Hierdie dubbele moord het skrikwekkende globale implikasies – en dwing Corey en twee ongelooflike vroue in ‘n gevaarlike soeke na die geheime van Plum Island.

Die riller skrywer DeMille self, het ‘n baie interessante lewe spandeer drie jaar as ‘n beampte in die Eerste Kavalier Afdeling van die Verenigde State weermag. Tussen 1966 en 1969 het hy aksie gesien as ‘n infanterie platoon leier tydens die Viëtnam-oorlog wat uiteindelik versier is met die Bronsster, die Lugmedalje en die Viëtnamese Kruis van Gallantry.

Die roman Plum Island deur Nelson DeMille is gritty en atmosferiese en ek sal dit deeglik aanbeveel.

Beletrie kniha Plum Islandby nejlepší spisovatel Nelson DeMille.

Policista z vraždy z NYPD John Corey, který byl zraněn při výkonu služby, se zotavuje ve venkovské části Long Islandu.  Mladý pár, o který ho ví, je zastřelen na rodinné terase. Předtím pracovali jako biologové na Plum Islandu, výzkumném místě, které bylo údajně inkubátorem pro zárodečné válčení.

Tato dvojnásobná vražda má děsivé globální důsledky – a nutí Coreyho a dvě neuvěřitelné ženy k nebezpečnému hledání tajemství Plum Islandu.

Thriller spisovatel DeMille sám, má velmi zajímavý život tráví tři roky jako důstojník v první jezdecké divize armády Spojených států. V letech 1966 až 1969 byl považován za velitele pěchotní čety během války ve Vietnamu, který byl nakonec vyzdoben Bronzovou hvězdou, leteckou medailí a vietnamským křížem galantnosti.

Román Plum Island od Nelsona DeMille je drsný a atmosférický a já bych to důkladně doporučil.

Fiktionsbogen Plum Islandby bedste forfatter Nelson DeMille.

En NYPD drab betjent John Corey, der blev såret i rækken af told er rekonvalescens i et landdistrikt del af Long Island.  Et ungt par, han kender, bliver skudt og dræbt på familiens terrasse. De havde tidligere arbejdet som biologer på Plum Island, et forskningssted, som siges at være en kuvøse for kim krigsførelse.

Dette dobbeltmord har skræmmende globale konsekvenser – og tvinger Corey og to utrolige kvinder ind i en farefuld søgen efter hemmelighederne i Plum Island.

Thrilleren forfatter DeMille selv, har haft en meget interessant liv tilbringe tre år som officer i første Kavaleri Division i den amerikanske hær. Mellem 1966 og 1969 så han action som en infanteri delingsfører under Vietnamkrigen i sidste ende at blive dekoreret med Bronze Star, Air Medal og den vietnamesiske Cross of Gallantry.

Romanen Plum Island af Nelson DeMille er grynet og atmosfærisk, og jeg vil grundigt anbefale det.

Het fictieboek Plum Islandby beste schrijver Nelson DeMille.

Een NYPD moord agent John Corey die gewond raakte in de lijn van de plicht is herstellende in een landelijk deel van Long Island.  Een jong stel dat hij kent, wordt doodgeschoten op het terras van de familie. Ze werkten eerder als biologen op Plum Island, een onderzoekssite waarvan werd gezegd dat het een broedplaats was voor kiemoorlogvoering.

Deze dubbele moord heeft angstaanjagende wereldwijde implicaties – en dwingt Corey en twee ongelooflijke vrouwen in een gevaarlijke zoektocht naar de geheimen van Plum Island.

De thriller schrijver DeMille zelf, heeft een zeer interessant leven doorgebracht drie jaar als officier in de First Cavalry Division van het Amerikaanse leger. Tussen 1966 en 1969 zag hij actie als een infanterie peloton leider tijdens de Oorlog in Vietnam uiteindelijk wordt versierd met de Bronzen Ster, de Air Medal en het Vietnamese Kruis van Gallantry.

De roman Plum Island door Nelson DeMille is zanderig en sfeervol en ik zou het grondig aanraden.

Fiktiokirja Plum Islandby paras kirjailija Nelson DeMille.

NYPD:n murhapoliisi John Corey, joka haavoittui palvelustehtävissä, – toipilas Long Islandin maaseudulla.  Nuori pari, jonka hän tuntee, ammutaan ja tapetaan perheen patiolla. He olivat aiemmin työskennelleet biologeja Plum Islandilla, tutkimuspaikalla, jonka sanottiin olevan bakteerisodankäynnin hautomo.

Tällä kaksoismurhalla on kauhistuttavia maailmanlaajuisia seurauksia – ja se pakottaa Coreyn ja kaksi uskomatonta naista etsimään Vaarallisesti Plum Islandin salaisuuksia.

Trillerikirjailija DeMille itse on viettänyt kolme vuotta upseerina Yhdysvaltain armeijan ensimmäisessä ratsuväen osastossa. Vuosina 1966–1969 hän näki toimintaa jalkaväen joukkueenjohtajana Vietnamin sodan aikana, ja lopulta hänet palkittiin pronssitähdellä, ilmamitalilla ja Vietnamin gallantryristillä.

Nelson DeMillen romaani Plum Island on karu ja tunnelmallinen, ja suosittelen sitä perusteellisesti.

Le livre de fiction Plum Islandby meilleur écrivain Nelson DeMille.

Un flic homicide nypd John Corey qui a été blessé dans l’exercice de ses fonctions est en convalence dans une partie rurale de Long Island.  Un jeune couple qu’il connaît est abattu sur le patio familial. Ils avaient auparavant travaillé comme biologistes à Plum Island, un site de recherche qui était considéré comme un incubateur pour la guerre des germes.

Ce double meurtre a des implications mondiales terrifiantes – et force Corey et deux femmes incroyables dans une recherche périlleuse pour les secrets de Plum Island.

L’écrivain à suspense DeMille lui-même, a eu une vie très intéressante passant trois ans en tant qu’officier dans la première division de cavalerie de l’armée des États-Unis. Entre 1966 et 1969, il a vu l’action en tant que chef de peloton d’infanterie pendant la guerre du Vietnam finalement décoré de l’étoile de bronze, la médaille aérienne et la croix vietnamienne de galanterie.

Le roman Plum Island de Nelson DeMille est graveleux et atmosphérique et je le recommande vivement.

Das Buch Plum Islandby bester Schriftsteller Nelson DeMille.

Ein NYPD-Mordpolizist John Corey, der im Dienst verwundet wurde, rekonvaleszent sich in einem ländlichen Teil von Long Island.  Ein junges Paar, das er kennt, wird auf der Terrasse der Familie erschossen. Sie hatten zuvor als Biologen auf Plum Island gearbeitet, einer Forschungsstätte, die als Brutstätte für Keimkriege galt.

Dieser Doppelmord hat erschreckende globale Implikationen – und zwingt Corey und zwei unglaubliche Frauen auf eine gefährliche Suche nach den Geheimnissen von Plum Island.

Der Thriller-Autor DeMille selbst hat ein sehr interessantes Leben als Offizier in der First Cavalry Division der United States Army verbracht. Zwischen 1966 und 1969 wurde er als Anführer des Infanteriezugs während des Vietnamkrieges mit dem Bronzestern, der Luftmedaille und dem vietnamesischen Gallanriekreuz ausgezeichnet.

Der Roman Plum Island von Nelson DeMille ist düster und atmosphärisch und ich würde ihn sehr empfehlen.

Skáldsagnabókin Plum Islandby besti rithöfundur Nelson DeMille.

AN NYPD homicide lögga John Corey sem var særður í the lína af skylda er convalescing í dreifbýli hluti af Long Island.  Ungt par sem hann þekkir er skotið og drepið á fjölskylduveröndinni. Þeir höfðu áður starfað sem líffræðingar á Plum Island, rannsóknarsetri sem var sagt vera ræktun fyrir gerla hernað.

Þetta tvöfalda morð hefur ógnvekjandi alþjóðlega þýðingu – og sveitir Corey og tvær ótrúlegar konur í perilous leit að leyndarmál plum Island.

Hinn tryllti rithöfundur DeMille sjálfur, hefur átt mjög áhugavert líf að eyða þremur árum sem liðsforingi í fyrstu riddaradeild Bandaríkjahers. Milli 1966 og 1969 sá hann aðgerð sem infantry platoon leiðtogi á Víetnam stríðinu loksins verið skreytt með Bronze Star, Air Medal og Víetnamska kross gallantry.

Skáldsagan Plum Island eftir Nelson DeMille er gritty og andrúmsloft og ég myndi vandlega mæla með því.

Il libro di narrativa Plum Islandby miglior scrittore Nelson DeMille.

Un poliziotto della polizia di New York, John Corey, rimasto ferito in servizio, sta convalescenza in una zona rurale di Long Island.  Una giovane coppia che conosce viene uccisa nel patio di famiglia. In precedenza avevano lavorato come biologi a Plum Island, un sito di ricerca che si diceva fosse un incubatore per la guerra dei germi.

Questo duplice omicidio ha terrificanti implicazioni globali e costringe Corey e due donne incredibili in una pericolosa ricerca dei segreti di Plum Island.

Lo stesso scrittore di thriller DeMille, ha avuto una vita molto interessante trascorrendo tre anni come ufficiale nella Prima Divisione di Cavalleria dell’Esercito degli Stati Uniti. Tra il 1966 e il 1969 vide l’azione come un plotone di fanteria durante la guerra del Vietnam, infine decorato con la Stella di Bronzo, la Medaglia aerea e la Croce vietnamita di Galanteria.

Il romanzo Plum Island di Nelson DeMille è grintoso e suggestivo e lo consiglierei vivamente.


任務のラインで負傷したNYPD殺人警官ジョン・コーリーは、ロングアイランドの農村部で回復しています。 彼が知っている若いカップルは、家族のパティオで撃たれて殺されます。彼らは以前、胚芽戦争のインキュベーターと言われる研究サイトであるプラム島で生物学者として働いていました。

この二重殺人は恐ろしい世界的な意味を持っています – そして、コーリーと2人の信じられないほどの女性がプラム島の秘密を危険な捜索に追い込みます。



Fiksjonsboken Plum Islandbys beste forfatter Nelson DeMille.

En nypd drapspolitimann John Corey som ble såret i tjenestelinjen, rekonvaleserer i en landlig del av Long Island.  Et ungt par han kjenner er skutt og drept på familiens uteplass. De hadde tidligere jobbet som biologer på Plum Island, et forskningssted som ble sagt å være en inkubator for bakteriekrigføring.

Dette dobbeltmordet har skremmende globale implikasjoner – og tvinger Corey og to utrolige kvinner inn i en farlig søken etter hemmelighetene til Plum Island.

Thrillerforfatteren DeMille selv, har hatt et veldig interessant liv som har tilbrakt tre år som offiser i den første kavaleridivisjonen i United States Army. Mellom 1966 og 1969 så han handling som en infanteritroppleder under Vietnamkrigen til slutt ble dekorert med bronsestjernen, luftmedaljen og det vietnamesiske gallantrykorset.

Romanen Plum Island av Nelson DeMille er steinhard og atmosfærisk, og jeg vil grundig anbefale det.

El libro de ficción Plum Islandby mejor escritor Nelson DeMille.

Un policía de homicidios del NYPD John Corey que fue herido en el cumplimiento de su deber está convaleciente en una parte rural de Long Island.  Una joven pareja que conoce es asesinada a tiros en el patio de la familia. Anteriormente habían trabajado como biólogos en Plum Island, un sitio de investigación que se decía que era una incubadora de guerra de gérmenes.

Este doble asesinato tiene implicaciones globales aterradoras y obliga a Corey y a dos mujeres increíbles a una peligrosa búsqueda de los secretos de Plum Island.

El propio escritor de suspenso DeMille.ha tenido una vida muy interesante pasando tres años como oficial en la Primera División de Caballería del Ejército de los Estados Unidos. Entre 1966 y 1969 vio la acción como un líder del pelotón de infantería durante la Guerra de Vietnam finalmente siendo condecorado con la Estrella de Bronce, la Medalla del Aire y la Cruz Vietnamita de Gallantry.

La novela Plum Island de Nelson DeMille es cruda y atmosférica y la recomendaría a fondo.

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The Salzburg Connection by Helen MacInnes

Fiction spy thriller

A great thriller novel with style

The book begins near to Salzburg, Austria, when a photographer called Richard Bryant dives into the Fintersee Lake, high in the mountains, to retrieve a large chest that had lain there for many years. Unknown to him, he is observed by others. This sets off a deadly chain of events.

Sometime later a lawyer, called William Mathison, to Bryant’s photography shop to ask about a photo book of the Austrian lakes that is said to be commissioned by Bill’s client, the publisher James Newhart. Anna, Bryant’s wife gives Bill correspondence from Eric Yates who previously claimed to be Newhart’s representative. Soon after Bill leaves, Anna’s brother Johann Kronsteiner is told, by family friend Felix Zauner, that Bryant has been killed in an accident. Bill finds that he is being followed. A desperate tale involving Austrian Intelligence, Mossad, Chinese Communists, CIA, Nazis and the KGB ensues. The secrets that lay hidden in the chest since the war were explosive.

This political thriller novel, by Helen MacInnes is one of my favourites. The start of the novel is very evocative and the suspense continues throughout the book. The story was written in 1968 and took inspiration from true life events. It had been suspected for many years that, near the end of the war, elite Nazis had trekked into the Austrian mountains and had hidden gold in the depths of many of the remote lakes. The most famous lake being Lake Toplitz which began to give up some of it’s secrets in the late 1950s as divers searched its depths.

One of the best fiction thriler novels of high intrigue, assassination, spies and Neo Nazis and a very good read – particularly on a European skiing holiday on a dark night.

Photo by Nathalie Stimpfl on Unsplash

If you like this novel then try See Glass by Ido Graf which is a book with similar themes of neo-Nazis and espionage.

Le livre commence près de Salzbourg, en Autriche, lorsqu’un photographe du nom de Richard Bryant plonge dans le lac Fintersee, haut dans les montagnes, pour récupérer un gros coffre qui gisait là depuis de nombreuses années. Inconnu de lui, il est observé par les autres. Cela déclenche une chaîne mortelle d’événements.

Quelque temps plus tard, un avocat, appelé William Mathison, s’est rendu au magasin de photographie de Bryant pour poser des questions sur un livre de photos des lacs autrichiens qui aurait été commandé par le client de Bill, l’éditeur James Newhart. Anna, la femme de Bryant, donne à Bill la correspondance d’Eric Yates qui prétendait auparavant être le représentant de Newhart. Peu de temps après le départ de Bill, le frère d’Anna, Johann Kronsteiner, apprend, par un ami de la famille Felix Zauner, que Bryant a été tué dans un accident. Bill découvre qu’il est suivi. Une histoire désespérée impliquant les services secrets autrichiens, le Mossad, les communistes chinois, la CIA, les nazis et le KGB s’ensuit. Les secrets cachés dans le coffre depuis la guerre étaient explosifs.

Ce roman policier d’Helen MacInnes est l’un de mes préférés. Le début du roman est très évocateur et le suspense perdure tout au long du livre. L’histoire a été écrite en 1968 et s’est inspirée d’événements réels de la vie. On soupçonnait depuis de nombreuses années que, vers la fin de la guerre, des nazis d’élite s’étaient rendus dans les montagnes autrichiennes et avaient caché de l’or dans les profondeurs de nombreux lacs reculés. Le lac le plus célèbre est le lac Toplitz qui a commencé à dévoiler certains de ses secrets à la fin des années 1950 alors que les plongeurs fouillaient ses profondeurs.

L’un des meilleurs romans de fiction de haute intrigue, d’espions et de néo-nazis et une très bonne lecture – en particulier lors de vacances de ski européennes par une nuit noire.

Si vous aimez ce roman, essayez See Glass par Ido Graf qui est un livre avec des thèmes similaires de néo-nazis et d’espionnage.